The Book of Leviticus, Chapter 18

This chapter is about unlawful sexual relations. Yep. The ancient Israelites had rules about sexual relationships. This gets into some common sense stuff & things we adhere to even today. This one is going to be a short chapter. Enjoy the read!!!

God tells Moses that the Israelites can’t do what they did in Egypt. Nor could they do what the Canaanites do, when they are going. God tells Moses that they HAVE to do what He’s telling them to do. “Keep my decrees & laws, for the man who obeys them will live by them.” (This can be found in Romans 10:5 & Galatians 3:12.)

Ok. Now we’re going to get into the sexual “laws”:

  1. Don’t have sex with a close relative.
  2. Don’t have sex with your mom. She’s your mom! It’ll dishonor your dad.
  3. Don’t have sex with any of your dad’s wives. (Polygamy.)
  4. Don’t have sex with your sister. Either your dad or mom’s daughter.
  5. Don’t have sex with your grandkids. It’ll dishonor you.
  6. Don’t have sex with your half-sister. Your dad’s daughter, she’s your sister!
  7. Don’t have sex with your aunt, your mom or dad’s sister. She’s your aunt!
  8. Don’t have sex with your by-marriage aunt. She’s still your aunt.
  9. Don’t have sex with your daughter-in-law. That’s your son’s wife! Hands off!
  10. Don’t have sex with your sister-in-law. It’ll dishonor your brother.
  11. Don’t have sex with a woman & her daughter. Don’t have sex with her son’s daughter or her daughter’s daughter. They’re too closely related! That’s wickedness!
  12. Don’t take your wife’s sister as a “rival” wife. Don’t have sex with her while your wife’s living. (We went through this with Jacob, Rachel, & Leah.)
  13. Don’t have sex with a woman while she’s on her period.
  14. Don’t have sex with your neighbor’s wife. (This I feel falls under the 10 Commandments about coveting your neighbor’s things.)
  15. (Not sure why this one’s in here! But…) Don’t give any of your kids to be sacrificed to Molech. “For you must not profane the name of your God.”
  16. Don’t have sex with a man as one who has sex with a woman. “This is detestable.” (This is where “biblical experts” (I use this term VERY loosely.) get that the LBGTQ+ community is not correct. Is wrong. Umm…yeah.)
  17. Don’t have sex with an animal. Don’t defile yourself with it. (Here we go:) A woman mustn’t present herself to an animal to have sex with. It’s a perversion.

God then goes on to say: “Don’t defile yourselves in any of these ways, because this is how I’m (God) going to drive the other nations out became defiled. Even the land’s defiled! I punished it for its sins. The land vomited out its inhabitants.”

They HAD to keep God’s laws & decrees. Everyone had to keep them, Israelites & foreigners alike. No one could do ANY of these things! Because these things were done by the people who lived in the land before the Israelites. Those not following the rules would be excommunicated.

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