The Book of Leviticus, Chapter 8

(Before we start, I just gotta say, that I am totally in LOVE with the featured pic! That is all.) This chapter is about Aaron & his sons ACTUALLY getting ordained as priests! They get all decked out in their priestly finery. Moses officiates this little shindig. God is ever present, talking to Moses along the way. Kinda like a “Hey, don’t forget about those things I told ya about, buddy.” I hope y’all enjoy! (Plus an update. I finally got my computer fixed & will be posting more frequently. I appreciate all of your patience.)

God tells Moses to get Aaron, his sons, their priestly garb & equipment, the anointing oil, the bull, 2 rams, & yeast-less bread for the offering, & meet at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting. This was to be done in front of the whole Israelite community. Moses did what God had told him to do. The Israelite community showed up at the entrance of the Tent.

Moses tells everyone, “This what God told me had to get done, guys.” Moses then brought Aaron & his sons forward. (This next part is gonna sound weird. But bear with me.) Moses washed them with water. (I know, I know. A grown man washing a group of also grown men. But it’s not what it appears to be. This is a ritualized form of bathing. Think of a Christian baptism. This ritual bath was performed fully clothed. It also had some kind of ritual to go with it. There have been sites all over Israel, & other places circling out from there, that have ritual baths dug into a structure like a home of an important person, a priests’ home, or like sometimes a government building.)

Moses put the tunic on Aaron (all of descriptions of the clothing, equipment, etc. of the priests’ are described in Exodus 28, 29, & 39.), tied the sash, & put the ephod on him. Moses made sure the ephod was fastened securely to Aaron by using the waistband that was put there. The breast piece was then put on Aaron & put the Urim & Thummim in the breast piece. The gold plate was then set. The sacred diadem was on the front of it.

Moses then took the anointing oil & anointed the tabernacle, plus everything in it. This consecrated them. He then sprinkled some of the oil on the altar 7x! (There’s another reference to the number 7, which has always been a sacred number.) Moses then went around to all to the items for the tabernacle (basins, utensils, etc.) consecrating them. Then Moses poured some of oil on Aaron’s head (yes, like you’re gonna pour a cup of water on the top of someone’s head), consecrating him. Then Aaron’s sons were brought forward, the tunics put on them, the sashes tied around them & the headbands put on them.

Moses then presented the bull for the sin offering. Aaron & his sons put their hands on the bull’s head. Moses slaughtered the bull. He then dipped his finger in the blood & put the blood on the horns of the altar to PURIFY the altar. The rest of the blood was poured out at the base of the altar. Moses consecrated it to atone for it. Moses also took all the fat around the inner parts, covering of the liver, both kidneys & their fat, & burn it on the altar. However, the bull with its hide & its flesh & offal he burned up outside the camp.

Moses presented the ram for the burnt offering to God. Aaron & his sons laid their hands on its head. Then Moses slaughtered the ram. He sprinkled the blood against the altar on all sides. Moses cut the ram into pieces. He burned the head, the pieces, & the fat. Moses washed the inner parts & the legs with water. The whole ram was burned on the altar as the… (take a wild guess) burnt offering.

Moses presented the other ram, this ram is for ordination. Aaron & his sons put their hands on this bull too. Moses proceeded to kill this bull too. Moses took some of the blood of this bull & put it on the lobe of Aaron’s right ear, on his right thumb, & on the big toe on his right foot. Aaron’s sons got this “priestly” treatment also! (Hey, I’m not one to hate on someone’s religious rites but this, to me personally, is WEIRD!) The blood then got sprinkled against the altar on all of its sides.

Moses then took the fat, the “fat tail,” all the fat that’s around the inner parts of icky things inside a bull, the liver covering, both kidneys & its fat, & the right thigh. (this sis the fat offering) From the basket of bread (this bread was yeast-less), which was before God, Moses took a cake of bread & 1 made with oil, plus a wafer. He placed these items on the fat offering & right thigh.

Moses proceeded to put all of this stuff into Aaron & his sons’ hands & waved them before God as the wave offering. Moses then took the items from their hands & burned them on the altar & on top of the burnt offering. This was the ordination offering. Moses also the breast (this was Moses’ share of the ordination ram) & waved it before God. This served as Moses’ wave offering.

Moses took some of the anointing oil & some of the blood from the altar. He sprinkled them on Aaron & his sons. Plus their garments. So Moses officially consecrated Aaron, his sons, & their garments.

Moses then told Aaron & his sons, “Cook the meat at the entrance to the Tent. Eat it there with the bread from the ordination offerings basket. Only y’all can it, just Aaron & his sons, that’s all. Burn the rest of the meat & bread. Don’t leave the entrance to the Tent for 7 days. The ordination will last for 7 days. Y’all can’t leave! (I feel like if Moses had social media, this would be a #SorryNotSorry moment.) What was done today, that was just to make atonement for y’all’s sins. You HAVE to stay at the entrance to the Tent the whole 7 days & 7 nights. You HAVE to do what God says, so you don’t die. (This last statement will come back to haunt Aaron & his sons in 2 chapters.).” So Aaron & his sons did everything that God, via Moses, told them to do.

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