The Book of Exodus, Chapter 37

This chapter is about the Ark of the Covenant, the table, the lamp stand, & the altar of incense. This chapter gets interesting. It’s a little less boring than some of others, that are similar to this. Bezalel makes a grand appearance in this chapter! He makes the Ark. It’s a fairly okay time. I do hope y’all enjoy the read!

Bezalel made everything involving the Ark. He, personally, made EVERYTHING with the Ark. Bezalel led all the workers in the making of the table, lamp stands, & the altar of incense. (The measurements & descriptions of the Ark, the table, the lamp stand, & altar of incense are in Exodus 25:10-22; Exodus 25:23-30; Exodus 25:31-40; & Exodus 30:1-10.)

(I’m sorry but this is the ‘Cliff’s Notes’ version of this chapter.)


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