The Book of Exodus, Chapter 35

This chapter is about Sabbath rules, materials for the tabernacle, & the dynamic duo of Bezalel & Oholiab. This chapter was a hard one for me, as a child going to Sunday school. I feel asleep a few times…ok, every time this chapter was taught. Much to my grandma’s dismay! Anyways, I digress. You can check out more about a part of this chapter in Exodus 31:1-11. I hope you enjoy!

Moses got together the entire Israelite community & told them about the Sabbath rules. Like don’t work on the Sabbath, anybody who does work on the Sabbath gets the death penalty, & don’t light a fire in any home/”dwelling.”

Moses then told the Israelites about the tabernacle & what materials were to be used in the tabernacle items: lamps, stands, the whole 9 yards. But first, Moses had the Israelites give an offering to God. Anybody who was willing to give God an offering of….(get this.) gold, silver, & bronze; blue, purple, & scarlet yarn & fine linen(s); goat hair; ram skins dyed red & hides of dugongs (mantee’s cousin); acacia wood; olive oil for light; the spices for the anointing oil & for the “fragrant” incense; & the gems & stones that were to be mounted on the ephod & breastpiece.

Moses then proceeded to tell the Israelites that anyone who was skilled to come & make the things for the tabernacle. These things included, but aren’t limited to: the tent covering, frames, “the bread of the Presence,” the lamp stand, bases, the Ark of the Covenant, & the garments that the priesthood was to wear. (If you’d like a full list, check out Exodus 35:10-19.) All of the Israelites left Moses & everyone who was willing & whose heart moved them came. They brought an offering to God for work on the Tent of Meeting, for all its service, & the garments for the priesthood. Everyone presented their gold as a “wave” offering to God. Everyone did their part, if you could sew, you did. If you could cut stone, were a carpenter, pretty much were a warm & able body, you did something. And they did it willing & using the free will will God gave them.

Moses told the Israelites that God had chosen Bezalel (who was the son of Uri & the grandson of Hur, he was from the tribe of Judah) & that God had filled him with the  “Spirit of God” (I’ve always thought that this is the earliest incarnation of the Holy Spirit.) & with skill, abilities, & knowledge in all kinds of crafts (like working with gemstones, metal-working, wood-working, etc.). God gave Bezalel & Oholiab (who was the son of Ahisamach & was of the tribe of Dan) the ability to teach others. God filled these 2 men with the skill to all kinds of things as craftsmen, designers, embroiderers, & weavers, all of them master craftsmen & designers.


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