The Book of Exodus, Chapter 29

This chapter is solely dedicated to the consecration of the priests. This is how Aaron & his descendants became priests. This one is going to be a long one & a bit tedious. But we’ll made this as painless as possible. I hope you enjoy the read.

Here’s what they had to do to be ancient Judiac priests:

They took 1 young bull & 2 rams with anything wrong with them. They took fine wheat flour, without yeast, & made bread & cakes with oil, & wafers spread with oil. They put them into a basket & presented it to them, along with the bull & rams. Aaron & his sons were brought to the entrance of the “Tent of Meeting” (a.k.a. The tabernacle structure itself.) & were washed with water. Aaron was then dressed with the tunic, the robe of the ephod, the ephod itself, & the breastpiece. The ephod was fastened on to Aaron with the skillfully woven waistband for it. The turban was put on his head. The diadem (the diadem was a jeweled crown/headband worn as a symbol of sovereignty) was attached to the turban.

Aaron had anointing oil poured over his head. Aaron’s sons were then brought & dressed in the same clothes as Aaron. Aaron & his sons then had the sashes tied on them. The priesthood is theirs forever.

The bull was brought to the front of the “Tent of Meeting.” Aaron & sons laid their hands on the head of the bull. They slaughtered the bull in God’s presence at the entrance to the “Tent of Meeting.” They took some of the bull’s blood & put it on the horns of the altar. They put it on with their fingers. They poured the rest of the blood at the base of the altar. They then took all the fat around the inners, the covering of the liver, & both kidneys with the fat on them, these items were burned on the altar. However the bull’s flesh, hide, & its offal outside the camp. This was the sin offering.

One of the rams was taken. Aaron & his sons put their hands on its head. They slaughtered it & took the blood, sprinkling it against the altar on all sides. (Yes, the consecration of the ancient Jewish priests was a grizzly ordeal. PETA would’ve had a field day back then.) The ram was cut up into pieces. They washed the inner parts & legs. They put all of the pieces of the ram together. They then burnt the entire ram on the altar. This was the burnt offering to God. It was a pleasing smell, an offering made to God by fire. (I always wondered why the burnt offerings were a pleasing smell to God.)

The other ram was taken & Aaron (plus sons) put their hands on their hands on its head. (This reminds me of later on the laying on of hands for all kinds of fun things.) It also was slaughtered. The blood was put on Aaron & his sons’ right ears. Also on the thumbs of their right hands & the big toes of their right feet. The rest of the blood was then put against all sides of the altar. Some of the blood was taken from the altar & some of the anointing oil, & was sprinkled on Aaron & his sons. They were then consecrated, so were their garments.

The fat, fat tail, fat around the inners, the covering of the liver, both kidneys with the fat on them & the right thigh were taken from the 2nd ram. (This ram was for ordination.) They took a loaf of bread, made without yeast, a cake with oil, & a wafer.  They put all of these things into Aaron & his sons’ hands & waved them before God. This was a wave offering. (I don’t understand this one. Maybe someone who is a little more educated in this matter could fill me/us in! If so, I’ll update this posting & give you mad love a.k.a credit for your info.) They took these items from their hands & burnt them on the altar along with the burnt offering. After the breast of the ram was taken for Aaron’s ordination, they waved it before God as a wave offering. This was their share.

Those parts of the ordination ram that belonged to Aaron & his sons were consecrated. (The breast that was waved & the thigh.) This was always to be the regular share from the Israelites for Aaron & his descendants. It was the contribution the Israelites were to make to God from their fellowship offering.

Aaron’s sacred garments belong to his descendants. They were to be ordained & anointed (as priests) the garments. The son who succeeded Aaron as (high) priest & comes to the meeting tent to minister in the Holy of Holies wore the garments for 7 days (yes, 7 days- in a row! I can’t tell you about whether they were laundered at all in those 7 days.)

The meat of the 2nd ram (a.k.a. The ram of ordination) was cooked in a sacred place. (It doesn’t say where this sacred place was. But it was only for the cooking of the meat.) Aaron & his sons ate the meat & bread products at the entrance of the meeting tent. Nobody else was to eat this, because it was sacred. If any was leftover, it was burned.

It took 7 days to ordain Aaron & his sons. They sacrificed a bull all 7 days, as a sin offering to make atonement. The altar was purified by making an atonement for it & it was anointed to consecrate it. They did this for 7 days (I feel like this is something from ‘The Ring.’). The altar was considered holy then. Whatever touched the altar after this was considered holy.

There was an offering made every day: 2 lambs, a year old. One was offered in the morning, & one at twilight. The 1st first lamb was offered with an ephah (which is about 2 quarts or about 2 liters) of fine flour (I don’t know if it’s finely ground flour or it’s flour was of a fine quality.) that was mixed with a 1/4 of a hin (a hin is about 1 quart or about 1 liter.) of pressed olive oil, plus a 1/4 of hin of wine as a drink offering. The twilight lamb was offered with the same things as the morning lamb.

For generations to come this burnt offering was suppose to be made regularly at the entrance at the “Tent of Meeting” before God. God was meeting the Jewish people (or the priests in this particular case) & spoke to them there. The place was consecrated by God’s glory. (Yeah. You read that right. God was coming down from heaven, in some form, & having conversations with the Jewish people. And because God is well God, he made the place holy because He’s God. And He can do that sort of thing.)

God also consecrated the “Tent of Meeting” (Let’s be clear: The “Tent of Meeting” is the covered structure where the altar, the Ark of the Covenant, & the Holy of Holies was located/housed. The ephod & the breastpiece were also used in here too.), the altar. Plus God also consecrated Aaron & his sons.

God dwelt among the Israelites & was THEIR God. The Israelites knew that God (or at least the Judaic/Christian version of God) was God.


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