The Book of Exodus, Chapter 27

This chapter is about the altar of burnt offerings, the courtyard, & oil for the lamp stand. This one is tedious too. I apologize in advance. It’s all the dimensions, colors, materials, & whatnot. I hope you enjoy the read.

We’ll be starting with the altar for the burnt offering:

Altar of Burnt Offerings
This was what the ancient Jews used as the altar for their burnt offerings to God.

The altar was built of acacia wood. It was 3 cubits (54″) high & 5 cubits (90″) long & 5 cubits (90″) wide. It was square in shape. There was horns on each of the 4 corners of the altar. The horns & the altar were all one piece. The altar was overlaid with bronze. The utensils (pots to remove the ashes, shovels, sprinkling bowls, meat forks, & fire pans) were all made of bronze. There was a bronze grating network for the altar, with bronze rings at each 4 corners of the network. It was put under the ledge of the altar, 1/2 way up the altar. There poles are made of acacia wood for the altar & they were overlaid with bronze. The poles were inserted into the rings so that the altar can be carried. The altar was hollow.

Now on to the courtyard:

(The courtyard is the big enclosed area in the featured picture.) The south side of the courtyard was 100 cubits (1,800″) long. The south side had curtains of finely twisted linen, with 20 posts & 20 bronze bases, silver hooks & bands on the posts. The north side was also 100 cubits (1,800″) long. The north side also had the same amount posts, bases, hooks, & bands.

The west side of the courtyard was 50 cubits (900″) wide. It had curtains, with 10 posts & bases. On the east end, “toward the sunrise, the courtyard was also 50 cubits (900″) wide. The curtains were 15 cubits (270″) long were on 1 side of the entrance, with 3 posts & bases. Curtains that were 15 cubits (270″) were on the other side, with 3 posts & bases.

The entrance of the courtyard had a curtain 20 cubits (360″) long. It was made of blue, purple, & scarlet yarn & finely twisted linen. This was to be the work of an embroiderer. It had 4 posts & bases. All the posts around the courtyard are to have silver bands, hooks, & bronze bases. The courtyard was 100 cubits (1,800″) long & 50 cubits (900″) wide. It had curtains of finely twisted linen 5 cubits (90”) high. It had bronze bases.

All the other articles used in the service of the tabernacle, whatever their function, including all the tent pegs for it & those for the courtyard, were made of bronze.

Here’s the part for the oil for the lamp stand:

The Israelites brought Moses clear oil of pressed oil. So that there’s light for the lamps, so they can keep burning. In the “Tent of Meeting” (a.k.a. where the high priests hang out for ceremonies, high holidays, etc.), outside of the curtain that was in front of the Ark, Aaron & his sons (descendants) kept the lamps burning from evening until morning. This last part was suppose to be a lasting “ordinance” among the Jewish people for generations. (Like I said, suppose to.)


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