The Book of Exodus, Chapter 26

This chapter is about the tabernacle. The dimensions, what the “walls” are made of, etc. This chapter also gets into the Holy of Holies. The Holy of Holies is where the Ark of the Covenant is housed. Only the high priests (Aaron & his descendants) could enter the Holy of Holies. My most favorite thing about the Holy of Holies is: The highest priest went into the Holy of Holies during the Jewish high holidays. The high priest would wear a rope (traditionally called a cord) around his waist. The reason he wore this rope is just in case he performed the ceremony wrong, or the sins of the Israelites weren’t redeemed (like they did something so bad that their sins couldn’t be forgiven. The poor high priest took the brunt of the Israelites sins.) My source material (the NIV version of the Christian bible) calls the Holy of Holies “the Most Holy Place.” You can also find more about the tabernacle in Exodus 36:8-38. But the tabernacle is a old-timey version of a synagogue. I hope you enjoy the read!

Let’s get into it: The tabernacle had 10 curtains made of finely twisted linen & yarn, which are blue, purple, & scarlet, with cherubim. This has/was made by skilled craftsmen. All the curtains must/were all the same size. The size of the curtains were/are 28 cubits (504″) long & 4 cubits (72″) wide. The curtains were/are joined 5 & 5. There were/are loops of a blue material along the edges of the curtains. (It doesn’t say what this blue material is exactly.) There were/are 50 loops on both curtain sets, with the loops opposite each other. There were/are 50 gold clasps to fasten the curtains together, so that the tabernacle is a unit. (This makes the tabernacle portable. This is because they (the Israelites) are still wondering in the desert. So they need something that’s portable. This is how they solved that problem.) (Also the tabernacle is where the Ark of the Covenant is located. In the featured picture, it would be the rectangle that’s located toward the back. The structure as a whole is where the priests kinda chill out. It’s their private spot. Remember that ONLY the priests could go into the big structure & the priests were men. So if the women needed something, they’d better hope that it didn’t happen during the times the priests were there. The women couldn’t go in. *I’m a hater! Yep, nope.*)

The tent that goes over the tabernacle is made of goat hair.  There is/was 11 of them in all. They are/were to be the same size. 30 cubits long (540″) & 4 cubits wide (72″). Since there’s an odd number, 5 curtains were put together as a set & the other 6 were a set. The set with the 6 is/was folded double at the front of the tent. There were/are 50 loops along the edge of the end curtain in 1 set. Also along the edge of the end curtain in the other set. There was/is matching bronze clasps to fasten them to put the tent together as a unit. There were additional length to the tent curtains. The half curtain that’s left over was/is hung at the back of the tabernacle. The curtains of the tents are/were a a cubit (18″) longer, on both sides. What was left over after that, hung over the sides of the tabernacle so as to cover it. There was a covering for the tent made of ram skins, that were/are dyed red. Then over that covering was/is a covering made from dugongs (remember, these are mantees’ cousins).

The frame of the tabernacle were/are made of acacia wood. Each of the frames is/was 10 cubits (180″) long & a cubit & 1/2 (18 1/2″) wide. There were/are 2 “projections” parallel to one another. All the frames of the tabernacle were/are made this way. 20 frames were/are made for the south side of the tabernacle. 40 silver bases go under these 20 frames, 2 bases for each frames & 1 under each projection. The north side of the tabernacle also had 20 frames, 40 bases. The west end of the tabernacle had 6 frames. The corners at the far end had 2 frames. At these 2 last frames, they must be double from the bottom to the top. Plus be fitting into a 1 ring (the one ring to rul…sorry. Couldn’t help it.). So there’s 8 frames & 16 bases.

There were/are 15 crossbars of acacia wood. 5 for the frames on 1 side of the tabernacle, 5 for the other side, & 5 for the frames on the west end. The center crossbar extended from end to ends at the middle of the frames. The frames were/are overlaid with gold & there are/were gold rings to hold the crossbars. (I wish I had this much gold!) The crossbars were/are also overlaid with gold, also.

The Holy of Holies were/are behind a curtain made of blue, purple, & scarlet yarn & finely twisted linen. There was/is a cherubim worked into this curtain. It’s made by skilled craftsman. The curtains are/were hung by golden hooks on 4 posts overlaid with gold & on silver bases. The curtain was/is hung from the clasps & the Ark of the Covanant is to be placed behind it. (My source material calls the Ark “the ark of the Testimony.”) The curtain will separate the Inner Court (This is where all the high priests would hang. They’d do their priestly duties here. But then behind this curtain was The Ark. And only the highest priest could go in there, behind the curtain & only during special times.) There was/is an atonement cover on the Ark in the Holy of Holies. The table is to be placed outside the curtain on the north side of the tabernacle. The lamp stand opposite it (the table) on the south side.

The entrance to the tent had a curtain of blue, purple, & scarlet, made of yarn & finely twisted linen. This to be the work of an embroiderer. The gold hook for this curtain & 5 posts of acacia wood overlaid with gold. They were on 5 bronze bases for them.


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