The Book of Exodus, Chapter 25

The Tabernacle
This is where the priests would stay. Also the Holy of Holies is located there in the back. This is where the Ark of the Covenant is located.

This chapter is about the offerings for the tabernacle, the ark of the covenant, the table for the tabernacle, & the lamp stand for the tabernacle. This chapter is all about the dimensions & colors of these items. I’ll do my best to keep it lively. Enjoy the read.

God says to Moses, “Tell the Israelites to bring me an offering. Moses, you’re gonna receive the offering for me from each man, whose heart leads him to give. Here’s the offerings you’re gonna collect from them: gold, silver, bronze; blue, purple, scarlet yarn & linen; goat hair; ram skins dyed red & hides of dugongs (Dugongs are like a cousin to the manatee/sea cow.  You can tell the difference between the dugongs & manatees is the dugongs have a forked tail.); acacia wood; olive oil for the lamps (didn’t know you could use olive oil as fuel for light); spices for anointing oil (think frankincense & myrrh) & for fragrant incense (which is gonna be used in the tabernacle); & onyx stones & other gems for the breastplate & ephod (yes, the breastplate & ephod are 2 different things. The ephod is attached to the breastplate. The ephod is the structure that hold the onyx & other gems.)”

The ephod
This is what the ephod looks like.

God continues on by saying, “Have the Israelites build me a sanctuary & I’ll dwell with them there. Make the tabernacle & all the furnishings for the sanctuary exactly how I tell you how to.”

God then proceeds to tell Moses how to build the Ark of the Covenant. (Here’s the fun stuff!) The Ark is made of acacia wood that’s 2 1/2 cubits long, a cubit & 1/2 wide, & a cubit & 1/2 high (A cubit is typically equal to the length of a forearm. Which is about 18″ (44 cm), however there was a long cubit is about 21″ (52 cm). It comes from Middle English & Latin cubitum (which means elbow, forearm. So the Ark would’ve been 45″ long (I’m not great with math, so I hope it’s correct.), 27″ wide, & 27″ high.) The Ark was overlaid with pure gold, on the inside & outside. There was a gold molding made around it. 4 rings of gold were fastened to the Ark’s 4 feet (2 rings on each side). With the foreamentioned acacia wood, poles were made & overlaid with gold too. The poles were to be put into the rings to carry the Ark. The poles aren’t to be removed from the rings.

Next, God explains the rest of the Ark’s accessories: the mercy seat of pure gold (the mercy seat is basically gonna be your top, ya know, where the 2 angels are facing each other with the wings. The mercy seat is also where God chills out here on the humble planet called Earth.). The measurements for the mercy seat are/is: 2 1/2 cubits long & a cubit & 1/2 wide. (So 45″ long & 27″ wide. Again, math not my strong suit. I hope this is correct.) There are 2 cherubim, to be hammered out of gold, to go on the ends of the mercy seat. The cherubim are to be made out of 1 piece as the mercy seat. The cherubim are to have their wings spread upward. Their wings are to overshadow the mercy seat & they are to face each other. The cherubim are to look toward the mercy seat. The mercy seat is to be put on top of the Ark, like a lid for the Ark. (This is where some pockets of belief believe that the Ark is/was a conduit of power, of some kind. The reasoning is because gold is a conductor. A damn good one. And when the Ark had the staff of Aaron, the manna, & the 10 Commandments in it, the Ark became like a generator or a conduit. Some say that the Ark was a nuclear reactor. The reasoning behind this is because when people, who weren’t allowed to, touched, looked at, or anything with the Ark, they died. And not nice deaths either.)

God then goes into the making of the Table for the sanctuary. The table is made of acacia wood, it’s 2 cubits long (36″), a cubit wide (18″), & a cubit & 1/2 high (27″). It’s also overlaid with pure gold & a gold molding around it. There’s also a rim “a handbreadth” wide (which is about 3″ or 8 cm) & this has a gold molding also. There’s 4 gold rings that are fastened to the 4 legs of the table. These rings are close to the rim so that poles can be used to carry the table. The poles are made of acacia wood & they’re overlaid with gold. The table MUST be carried with these poles. (Just like the Ark is to be carried with poles too.) The plates, dishes, pitchers, & bowls for the table have to be made of pure gold too. These items are to be used at the table for offerings. (Here’s a fun line.) “Put the bread of the Presence on this table to be before me at all times.” (Think about any church that you go into. There’s always a table of some sort, at the head of the altar. It usually says “Do this in remembrance of me.” This phrase is from Jesus & the Passover meal he shares with his disciples before his crucifixion. However the actual table is from this table of the tabernacle. Most people don’t know that. You learned something today!)

Now we’re gonna get into the lamp stand that’s gonna go into the tabernacle. (Bear with me. I know that this tedious. Most of these are.) The lamp stand is made of pure gold. (Now I know you’re wondering where the Israelites are getting all of this pure gold, gemstones, & general overall wealth for all of these things for the tabernacle. I’m going to give you the skinny on that: If you remember that the Israelites, when they left Egypt, had livestock (which is considered a form of wealth, then & now.), textiles, plus the Egyptians gave them (the Israelites) a lot of stuff when they left Egypt. Plus the bible doesn’t say that when the Israelites became slaves that the wealth that Jacob had acquired was given up to Egyptians. So even though they were slaves, they had wealth. Just a working theory I have.) Now back to the lamp stand. The lamp stand base & shaft were to be hammered out. The lamp stand have flowerlike cups, buds, & blossoms that will all 1 piece with the base & shaft. 6 branches were extended from the sides of the lamp stand, 3 on each side. The cups  were shaped like almond flowers & were to put on the branches. The lamp stand are/were to have 4 cups shaped like almond flowers with buds & blossoms. The buds/blossoms are/were to be put under all of the branches. The buds/blossoms will/was be all 1 piece with the lamp stand, hammered out of pure gold.

There are/were 7 lamps (these are just regular old lamps) that were/are set up to light the space in front of the lamp stand. The wick trimmers & trays for the lamps are/were made of pure gold. A talent of gold (a talent of gold is about 75 pounds (or about 34 kilograms)) is to be used for the lamp stand & all of the accessories.

God then tells Moses to make all of these things “according to the pattern shown” to Moses on Mount Sinai. (You can also find this in Hebrews 8:5.)


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