The Book of Exodus, Chapter 10

This chapter is about the plagues of locusts & darkness.  There is only one more plague after this. By the end of this chapter, Moses gets told by Pharaoh that if he (Pharaoh) sees Moses again, Moses will die! Yep, it’s getting real! I hope y’all enjoy the read!

Moses & Aaron went to talk to Pharaoh. The bros. told Pharaoh: “God told us to tell you that if you refuse to let us go, he’ll (God) will bring locusts into the country tomorrow. The locusts will cover everything. They will cover the ground so much that you won’t be able to SEE the actual terra firma. The locusts will devour everything that is left after the hail, including every tree.” Moses turned away from Pharaoh & left Pharaoh’s presence.

Pharaoh’s officials came to him & started complaining about Moses. They were asking Pharaoh how long they would let him (Moses) be a problem to them. The officials told Pharaoh to let the Israelites go & worship their god. (Remember that the Egyptians didn’t believe in the Judeo-Christian god.) Moses & Aaron were called back to Pharaoh.

Pharaoh tells them (our fav bros.) that they can go but asks who exactly is going. Moses answers with: Everyone is going & all our livestock. Pharaoh replies with: Only the men may go, since that’s what they were asking. Moses & Aaron were then driven out of Pharaoh’s presence.

God then told Moses to stretch out his hand over Egypt so that the locusts will swarm over Egypt, devouring everything in their path. So Moses did it. God made an east wind blow across over Egypt all day & night. By the morning, the winds had brought the locusts. (Sounds pretty scientific to me. Insects use the winds to go where the food is at.) Nothing green remained on a tree or plant in all of Egypt. Never before had there been such a plague of locusts seen, nor ever will be seen again.

Pharaoh quickly summoned Moses & Aaron. Pharaoh tells them that he has sinned against their god & them. Pharaoh asked Moses & Aaron to forgive him & to pray to their god. Moses left Pharaoh, he prayed to God. God changed the winds to a very strong west wind, which caught up the locusts & carried them into the Red Sea. No locusts were found in all of Egypt. But God hardened Pharaoh’s heart. He didn’t let the Israelites go.

Then God tells Moses to stretch out his hand to the sky so that darkness will go all over the Egypt, a darkness that can/will be felt. So Moses did so. Total darkness covered all of Egypt for 3 days! No one could see anyone or anything for 3 days. But all the Israelites had light.

Then Pharaoh summoned Moses, again, & told him that the Israelites could go. That everyone could go, men, women, children. But that the livestock HAD to stay. Moses wasn’t cool with that because they needed the livestock to sacrifice to God. Pharaoh’s heart hardened. He wouldn’t let them go, AGAIN! (You’d think by now one side would’ve conceded by now.)

Pharaoh told Moses: “Go away! Don’t come before me again! The day you see my face again, you’ll die!” Moses replied, “I’ll never come before you again!”


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