The Book of Exodus, Chapter 5

This chapter is about Pharaoh making the Israelites make bricks without straw. All because Moses & Aaron run their mouths to Pharaoh. Under God’s direction, of course. I hope you enjoy the read!

Moses & Aaron went to talk with Pharaoh. (First of all, I’d like to know how they got to even talk to the Pharaoh. All the people who were trying to kill Moses were dead. (See chapter 4) They told Pharaoh that God tells them to go have a festival in the desert. Pharaoh tells them pretty much that he doesn’t know who their God is & why should he listen to him (God). Pharaoh tells them that he’s not going to let Pharaoh go.

Moses & Aaron then tells Pharaoh that “the God of the Hebrews” had met with them. Moses & Aaron kinda threaten Pharaoh. They tell Pharaoh that if he doesn’t let them go that God will may use plagues or the sword against them. Pharaoh asks them why they wanted to take the people away from their work. Then Pharaoh tells Moses & Aaron to get back to work!

Pharaoh then tells his slave drivers & foremen that they are no longer to give the people straw to make bricks. (As is today, bricks can be used for anything.) He (Pharaoh) also says that they have to go find their own straw & that they still have to make the same amount of bricks. And to make the work harder for the men so that have to keep working.

The slave drivers & foremen then went out & told the people what Pharaoh had said. So the people went all over Egypt to get straw. Everyday the slave drivers & foremen kept telling them to keep the same pace of work. The Israelite foremen, who were appointed by Pharaoh’s men, were beaten for not making their quotas.

The Israelite foremen went & tried to talk to Pharaoh directly. Pharaoh tells them that they’re lazy & to get back to work. Pharaoh also tells them that they won’t be getting any straw & they still have to hit the original quota, still. The Israelite foremen realized that they all were in deep trouble.

They left Pharaoh. They found Moses & Aaron, waiting to meet them. The foremen told the brothers that they made Pharaoh & his officials want to kill them. Moses then returned to God. Moses kinda complains to God: “Why have you done this to these people? What did they do to you? Ever since we went to go talk to Pharaoh, in your name even, he’s been bring trouble to these people! And you haven’t rescued your people at all!”


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