The Genealogical Line from Adam to Jesus

I thought I’d do something a little different. I’m going to the “bloodline” from Adam to Jesus. This is through Joseph’s (the Virgin Mary’s Joseph) line, at least according to the book of Luke (chapter 3, verses 23-38). I’ll be breaking it up, like pre-flood, post-flood, etc. I hope you enjoy!

This is pre-flood, after the banishment from the Garden of Eden.

  1. We start off with God (because God created Adam).
  2. Adam (& Eve)
  3. Seth (because Abel (the 1st born is dead, Cain doesn’t get into the lineage due to the murder.)
  4. Enosh (Seth’s son; Adam & Eve’s grandson)
  5. Kenan (Enosh’s son; Adam & Eve’s great-grandson)
  6. Mahalalel (Kenan’s son; Adam & Eve’s 2x-great-grandson)
  7. Jared (Mahalalel’s son; Adam’s 3x-great-grandson)
  8. Enoch (Jared’s son; Adam’s 4x-great-grandson; this is the man whom the Book of Enoch is made/based)
  9. Methuselah (Enoch’s son; Adam’s 5x-great-grandson; Noah’s grandpa; oldest man in the Christian & Jewish bibles)
  10. Lamech (Methuselah’s son; Adam’s 6x-great-grandson; Noah’s dad)

Now we’re gonna get into after the flood

  1. (11) Noah (Lamech’s son; Adam’s 7x-great-grandson)
  2. (12) Shem (Noah’s oldest son; Adam’s 8x-great-grandson)
  3. (13) Arphaxah (Noah’s grandson; Shem’s son; Adam’s 9x-great-grandson)
  4. (14) Cainan (Arphaxah’s son; Noah’s great-grandson; Adam’s 10x-great-grandson)
  5. (15) Shelah (Cainan’s son; Noah’s 2x-great-grandson; Adam’s 11x-great-grandson)
  6. (16) Eber (Shelah’s son; Noah’s 3x-great-grandson; Adam’s 12x-great-grandson)
  7. (17) Peleg (Eber’s son; Noah’s 4x-great-grandson; Adam’s 13x-great-grandson)
  8. (18) Reu (Peleg’s son; Noah’s 5x-great-grandson; Adam’s 14x-great-grandson)
  9. (19) Serug (Reu’s son; Noah’s 6x-great-grandson; Adam’s 15x-great-grandson)
  10. (20) Nahor (Serug’s son; Abraham’s grandpa; Noah’s 7x-great-grandson; Adam’s 16x-great-grandson)
  11. (21) Terah (Nahor’s son; Abraham’s dad; Noah’s 8x-great-grandson; Adam’s 17x-great-grandson)

This is the start of Judaism, in the Christian & Jewish bibles.

  1. (22) Abraham/Abram (Terah’s son; Noah’s 9x-great-grandson; Adam’s 18x-great-grandson. So within 18 generation, Judaism is “born.”)
  2. (23) Isaac (Abraham’s son; Noah’s 10x-great-grandson; Adam’s 19x-great-grandson)
  3. (24) Jacob/Israel (Isaac’s son; Abraham’s grandson; Noah’s 11x-great-grandson; Adam’s 20x-great-grandson)
  4. (25) Judah (Jacob/Israel’s son, his 4th born son; Abraham’s great-grandson; Noah’s 12x-great-grandson; Adam’s 21x-great-grandson)
  5. (26) Perez (Judah’s 3rd born son; Abraham’s 2x-great-grandson; Jacob’s great-grandson; Noah’s 13x-great-grandson; Adam’s 22x-great-grandson)
  6. (27) Hezron (Perez’s son; Abraham’s 3x-great-grandson; Jacob’s great-grandson; Noah’s 14x-great-grandson; Adam’s 23x-great-grandson)
  7. (28) Ram (Hezron’s son; Jacob’s 2x-great-grandson; Abraham’s 4x-great-grandson; Noah’s 15x-great-grandson; Adam’s 24x-great-grandson)
  8. (29) Amminadab (Ram’s son; Jacob’s 3x-great-grandson; Abraham’s 5x-great-grandson; Noah’s 16x-great-grandson; Adam’s 25x-great-grandson)
  9. (30) Nahshon (Amminadab’s son; Jacob’s 4x-great-grandson; Abraham’s 6x-great-grandson; Noah’s 17x-great-grandson; Adam’s 26x-great-grandson)
  10. (31) Salmon (Nahshon’s son; Jacob’s 5x-great-grandson; Abraham’s 7x-great-grandson; Noah’s 18x-great-grandson; Adam’s 27x-great-grandson; King David’s 2x-great-grandpa)
  11. (31) Boaz (Salmon’s son; Jacob’s 6x-great-grandson; Abraham’s 8x-great-grandson; Noah’s 19x-great-grandson; Adam’s 28x-great-grandson; Boaz married Ruth (Ruth 2 & 4); King David’s great-grandpa)

Now we’re going to be getting into King David’s era.

  1. (32) Obed (Boaz & Ruth’s son; Abraham’s 9x-great-grandson; Jacob’s 7x-great-grandson; Noah’s 20x-great-grandson; Adam’s 29x-great-grandson; King David’s  grandpa)
  2. (33) Jesse (Obed’s son; Abraham’s 10x-great-grandson; Jacob’s 8x-great-grandson; Noah’s 21x-great-grandson; Adam’s 30x-great-grandson; King David’s dad)
  3. (34) David (King David; Jesse’s son; Abraham’s 11x-great-grandson; Jacob’s 9x-great-grandson; Noah’s 22x-great-grandson; Adam’s 31x-great-grandson)
  4. (35) Nathan (King David’s son; Jesse’s grandson; Abraham’s 12x-great-grandson; Jacob’s 10x-great-grandson; Noah’s 23x-great-grandson; Adam’s 32x-great-grandson. I’ve always found it quite interesting that the succession of Jesus’ earthly bloodline came through Nathan & not King David’s son, King Solomon.)
  5. (36) Mattatha (Nathan’s son; King David’s grand-son; Abraham’s 13x-great-grandson; Jacob’s 11x-great-grandson; Noah’s 24x-great-grandson; Adam’s 33x-great-grandson)
  6. (37) Menna (Mattatha’s son; King David’s great grandson; Abraham’s 14x-great grandson; Jacob’s 12x-great grandson; Noah’s 25x-great grandson; Adam’s 34x-great grandson)
  7. (38) Melea (Menna’s son; King David’s 2x-great grandson; Abraham’s 15x-great grandson; Jacob’s 13x-great grandson; Noah’s 26x-great grandson; Adam’s 35x-great grandson)
  8. (39) Eliakim (Melea’s son; King David’s 3x-great grandson; Abraham’s 16x-great grandson; Jacob’s 14x-great grandson; Noah’s 27x-great grandson; Adam’s 36x-great grandson)
  9. (40) Jonam (Eliakim’s son; King David’s 4x-great grandson; Abraham’s 17x-great grandson; Jacob’s 15x-great grandson; Noah’s 28x-great grandson; Adam’s 37x-great grandson)
  10. (41) Joseph (This is a different Joseph. Jonam’s son; King David’s 5x-great grandson; Abraham’s 18x-great grandson; Jacob’s 16x-great grandson; Adam’s 38x-great grandson; Noah’s 29x-great grandson)
  11. (42) Judah (Again, this is a different Judah. Joseph’s son; King David’s 6x-great grandson; Abraham’s 19x-great grandson; Jacob’s 17x-great grandson; Adam’s 39x-great grandson; Noah’s 30x-great grandson)
  12. (43) Simeon (A different one than the son of Jacob/Israel. Judah’s son; King David’s 7x-great grandson; Abraham’s 20x-great grandson; Jacob’s 18x-great grandson; Adam’s 40x-great grandson; Noah’s 31x-great grandson)
  13. (44) Levi (Again, this is a different one than a son of Jacob/Israel. Simeon’s son; King David’s 8x-great grandson; Abraham’s 21x-great grandson; Jacob’s 19x-great grandson; Adam’s 41x-great grandson; Noah’s 32x-great grandson)
  14. (45) Matthat (Levi’s son; King David’s 9x-great grandson; Abraham’s 22x-great grandson; Jacob’s 20x-great grandson; Adam’s 42x-great grandson; Noah’s 33x-great grandson)
  15. (46) Jorim (Matthat’s son; King David’s 10x-great grandson; Abraham’s 23x-great grandson; Jacob’s 21x-great grandson; Adam’s 43x-great grandson; Noah’s 34x-great grandson)
  16. (47) Eliezer (Jorim’s son; King Kavid’s 11x-great grandson; Abraham’s 24x-great grandson; Noah’s 35x-great grandson; Jacob’s 22x-great grandson; Adam’s 44x-great grandson)
  17. (48) Joshua (Not the Jericho/Moses Joshua. Eliezer’s son; King David’s 12x-great grandson; Abraham’s 25x-great grandson; Noah’s 36x-great grandson; Jacob’s 23x-great grandson; Adam’s 45x-great grandson)
  18. (49) Er (I’m not sure if this is the same man that the city of Er/Ur is from. Joshua’s son; King David’s 13x-great grandson; Abraham’s 26x-great grandson; Noah’s 37x-great grandson; Jacob’s 24x-great grandson; Adam’s 46x-great grandson)
  19. (50) Elmadam (Er’s son; King David’s 14x-great grandson; Abraham’s 27x-great grandson; Jacob’s 25x-great grandson; Noah’s 38x-great grandson; Adam’s 47x-great grandson)
  20. (51) Cosam (Elmadam’s son; King David’s 15x-great grandson; Abraham’s 28x-great grandson; Jacob’s 26x-great grandson; Noah’s 38x-great grandson; Adam’s 48x-great grandson)
  21. (52) Addi (Cosam’s son; King David’s 16x-great grandson; Abraham’s 29x-great grandson; Jacob’s 27x-great grandson; Noah’s 38x-great grandson; Adam’s 48x-great grandson)
  22. (53) Melki (Addi’s son; King David’s 17x-great grandson; Abraham’s 30x-great grandson; Jacob’s 28x-great grandson; Noah’s 39x-great grandson; Adam’s 49x-great grandson)
  23. (54) Neri (Melki’s son; King David’s 18x-great grandson; Abraham’s 31x-great grandson; Jacob’s 29x-great grandson; Noah’s 40x-great grandson; Adam’s 50x-great grandson)
  24. (55) Shealtiel (Neri’s son; King David’s 19x-great grandson; Abraham’s 32x-great grandson; Jacob’s 30x-great grandson; Noah’s 41x-great grandson; Adam’s 51x-great grandson)
  25. (56) Zerubbabel (Shealtiel’s son; King David’s 20x-great grandson; Abraham’s 33x-great grandson; Jacob’s 31x-great grandson; Noah’s 42x-great grandson; Adam’s 52x-great grandson)
  26. (57) Rhesa (Zerubbabel’s son; King David’s 21x-great grandson; Jacob’s 32x-great grandson; Abraham’s 34x-great grandson; Noah’s 43x-great grandson; Adam’s 53x-great grandson)
  27. (58) Joanan (Rhesa’s son; King David’s 22x-great grandson; Jacob’s 33x-great grandson; Abraham’s 35x-great grandson; Noah’s 44x-great grandson; Adam’s 54x-great grandson)
  28. (59) Joda (Joanan’s son; King David’s 23x-great grandson; Jacob’s 34x-great grandson; Abraham’s 36x-great grandson; Noah’s 45x-great grandson; Adam’s 55x-great grandson)
  29. (60) Josech (Joda’s son; King David’s 24x-great grandson; Jacob’s 35x-great grandson; Abraham’s 37x-great grandson; Noah’s 46x-great grandson; Adam’s 56x-great grandson)
  30. (61) Semein (Josech’s son; King David’s 25x-great grandson; Jacob’s 36x-great grandson; Abraham’s 38x-great grandson; Noah’s 47x-great grandson; Adam’s 57x-great grandson)
  31. (62) Mattathias (Semein’s son; King David’s 26x-great grandson; Jacob’s 37x-great grandson; Abraham’s 39x-great grandson; Noah’s 48x-great grandson; Adam’s 58x-great grandson)
  32. (63) Maath (Mattathias’ son; King David’s 27x-great grandson; Jacob’s 38x-great grandson; Abraham’s 40x-great grandson; Noah’s 49x-great grandson; Adam’s 59x-great grandson)
  33. (64) Naggai (Maath’s son; King David’s 28x-great grandson; Jacob’s 39x-great grandson; Abraham’s 41x-great grandson; Noah’s 50x-great grandson; Adam’s 60x-great grandson)
  34. (65) Esli (Naggai’s son; King David’s 29x-great grandson; Jacob’s 40x-great grandson; Abraham’s 43x-great grandson; Noah’s 51x-great grandson; Adam’s 61x-great grandson)
  35. (66) Nahum (Esli’s son; King David’s 30x-great grandson; Jacob’s 41x-great grandson; Abraham’s 44x-great grandson; Noah’s 52x-great grandson; Adam’s 62x-great grandson. I’m not sure if this is the same as the book of the Christian & Jewish bibles.)
  36. (67) Amos (Naham’s son; King David’s 31x-great grandson; Jacob’s 42x-great grandson; Abraham’s 45x-great grandson; Noah’s 53x-great grandson; Adam’s 63x-great grandson. I’m not sure if this is the same as the book of the Christian & Jewish bibles.)
  37. (68) Mattahias (Amos’ son; King David’s 32x-great grandson; Jacob’s 43x-great grandson; Abraham’s 46x-great grandson; Noah’s 54x-great grandson; Adam’s 64x-great grandson)
  38. (69) Joseph (This isn’t the Virgin Mary’s Joseph or the coat of many colors Joseph. Mattahias’ son; King David’s 33x-great grandson; Jacob’s 44x-great grandson; Abraham’s 47x-great grandson; Noah’s 55x-great grandson; Adam’s 65x-great grandson)
  39. (70) Jannai (Joseph’s son; King David’s 34x-great grandson; Jacob’s 45x-great grandson; Abraham’s 48x-great grandson; Noah’s 56x-great grandson; Adam’s 66x-great grandson)
  40. (71) Melki (Jannai’s son; King David’s 35x-great grandson; Jacob’s 46x-great grandson; Abraham’s 49x-great grandson; Noah’s 57x-grandson; Adam’s 67x-great grandson)
  41. (72) Levi (Melki’s son; King David’s 36x-great grandson; Jacob’s 47x-great grandson; Abraham’s 50x-great grandson; Noah’s 58x-great grandson; Adam’s 68x-great grandson)
  42. (73) Matthat (Levi’s son; King David’s 37x-great grandson; Jacob’s 48x-great grandson; Abraham’s 51x-great grandson; Noah’s 59x-great grandson; Adam’s 69x-great grandson. Jesus’ great-grandpa.)
  43. (74) Heli (Matthat’s son; King David’s 38x-great grandson; Jacob’s 49x-great grandson; Abraham’s 52x-great grandson; Noah’s 60x-great grandson; Adam’s 70x-great grandson. Jesus’ grandpa.)
  44. (75) Joseph (Heli’s son; King David’s 39x-great grandson; Jacob’s 50x-great grandson; Abraham’s 53x-great grandson; Noah’s 61x-great grandson; Adam’s 71x-great grandson. The Virgin Mary’s Joseph.)
  45. (76 generations between Jesus & Adam.) Jesus (Joseph’s “son”; King David’s 40x-great grandson; Jacob’s 51x-great grandson; Abraham’s 54x-great grandson; Noah’s 62x-great grandson; Adam’s 72x-great grandson)

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