The Book of Genesis, Chapter 45

This chapter is about Joseph making himself known to his brothers, finally! Here’s where the happy ending starts. I hope you enjoy the read!

Joseph couldn’t control himself before his attendants. He told everyone to leave. Everyone left except for the brothers. He cried so loudly that all of Pharaoh’s household heard about it.

Joseph told his brothers that it was him & asked if Jacob/Israel was still alive. The brothers couldn’t answer because they were afraid of Joseph’s presence. Joseph told his brothers to come close. When they did, Joseph told them that he was their brother Joseph. He told them not to be afraid or angry with themselves for doing what they did to him. Joseph then tells his brothers to go back home & tell their dad.

Joseph told the brothers to also tell Jacob/Israel that he should move to Goshen, to be close to Joseph. Joseph wants Jacob/Israel to uproot his whole family. Joseph also tells his brothers to tell his dad about all the honors that Joseph received in Egypt. And hurry up about it too!

Joseph threw his arms around Benjamin & cried. He then kissed all his brothers & cried over them. Afterward his brothers talked with Joseph. When the news hit Pharaoh’s palace that Joseph’s brothers were there, Pharaoh & his officials were happy about it. Pharaoh tells Joseph to go to Canaan & get his dad, that they’d get the best land of Egypt.

So the sons of Jacob/Israel did as Pharaoh said. Joseph gave provisions & new clothes to his brothers. But to Benjamin, he gave 300 shekels (about 7 1/2 pounds) of silver & 5 sets of clothes. Joseph sent bunches of gifts to his dad, donkeys, grain, bread, the greatest things Egypt had to offer. So Joseph sent his brothers to Canaan.

When the brothers got to Canaan, they told Jacob/Israel about what happened. And that Joseph was alive. Jacob was stunned, he didn’t believe them. But when saw all the gifts that Joseph sent, Jacob’s spirit was revived. Jacob/Israel was convinced, he wanted to see Joseph before he died.


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