The Book of Genesis, Chapter 36

This chapter is solely dedicated to Esau’s descendants & the rulers of Edom. It’s another genealogical chapter. As always, I’ll do my best to let y’all know who’s who’s son, dad, grandparent, etc. I hope you enjoy the read!

This is the “account” of Esau/Edom. Esau took his wives from Canaan (which Isaac didn’t care for/about). Adah (whose the daughter of Elon the Hittite), Oholibamah (whose the daughter of Anah & granddaughter of Zibeon the Hivite), & also Basemath (whose the daughter of Ishmael & sister of Nebaioth. Who would be Esau 1st cousin.).

Adah gave birth to Eliphaz, Basemath bore Reuel, & Oholibamah bore Jeush, Jalam, & Korah. (I’m assuming that Eliphaz was the 1st born son because his name is mentioned first.) These sons were born in Canaan. Esau then moved his entire family away from the land of Canaan, some distance away from his brother Jacob/Israel. Because both of their possessions had grown to great for the land to support both of their households. So Esau/Edom settled in Seir, in the hill country.

Here we go with the genealogical account of Esau, the father of the Edomites. Here’s the names of Esau sons: Eliphaz (Adah’s son) & Reuel (Basemath’s son). These would be Jacob’s nephews. (Don’t worry. We’ll be getting to the rest of them, post haste!)

Eliphaz sons (which would be Esau’s grandsons, Jacob’s great-nephews) are named: Teman, Omar, Zepho, Gatam, & Kenaz. Eliphaz had a concubine named Timna. Timna had a son named Amalek. (Who was the originator of the Amalekites.) These are the grandsons of Adah, Esau’s wife.

The sons of Reuel are named: Nahath, Zerah, Shammah, & Mizzah. (Again, these would be Esau’s grandsons & Jacob’s great-nephews.) These are the grandsons of Esau’s wife, Basemath. So these men would be Ishmael’s great-grandsons.

The sons of Oholibamah, daughter of Anah & granddaughter of Zibeon, are named: Jeush, Jalam, & Korah.

Now we’re going to be delving into Seir. Here again a place (like the hill country of Seir) is named after a place (like a sons of Seir), it seems. Because next in the chapter it tells about the sons of Seir, the Horite. This is also found all throughout I Chronicles, chapter 1. So let’s get into it.

These are the names of the sons of Seir the Horite, who were living in the area of Esau. Lotan (whose the 1st born), Shobal, Zibeon, Anah, Dishon, Ezer, & Dishan are there names.

Lotan’s sons are named: Hori & Hormam. Timna was Lotan’s sister. Timna, if you look a little up, is Eliphaz’s concubine. (Don’t know why they want to put this nugget here, who knows?!)

Shobal’s sons’ names are: Alvan, Manahath, Ebal, Shepho, & Onam.

Zibeon’s sons names were: Aiah & Anah. Anah discovers a hot springs in the desert while he was grazing the donkeys of his father Zibeon. The children of Anah are: Dishon & Oholibamah, the daughter of Anah, Esau’s wife, granddaughter of Zibeon. Oh, the interconnectiveness of it all!!!

The sons of Dishon: Hemdan, Eshban, Ithran & Keran.

The sons of Ezer are named: Bilhan, Zaavan, & Akan.

Dishan’s sons were named: Uz & Aran.

These are the kings who reigned in Edom, before any Israelite king ruled. Bela (the son of Beor) became king of Edom. His city’s name was Dinnabah. When Bela died, Jobab (son of Zerah) from Bozrah succeeded him as king.

When Jobab died, Husham, from where the Temanites came from, succeeded him as king. When Husham died, Hadad (son of Bedad), who defeated Midian in the Moab country, succeeded him as king.

When Hadad died, Samlah from Masrekah succeeded him as king. When Samlah died, Shaul from Rehoboth on the river succeeded him as king.

When Shaul died, Baal-Hanan (son of Acbor) succeeded him as king. When Baal-Hanan died, Hadad succeeded him as king.  (It’s a different guy.) His city’s name was named Pau. His wife’s name was Mehetabel (daughter of Matred, whose the daughter of Me-Zahab).



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