The Book of Genesis, Chapter 34

This chapter is about Dinah & the Shechemites. This one gets a little sensitive. This chapter deals with some VERY adult situations. Consider this your warning. But I do hope you enjoy the read!

Now Jacob & Leah’s daughter Dinah (she was briefly mentioned in Genesis 30:21.) went out to visit the women of the land. (Now I’m not sure if it means the local ladies or like some kind of “wild” nature women.) Shechem (who is the son of the ruler of that area, Hamor the Hivite.) saw her, took her, & “violated” her. (Which traditionally means that Dinah was raped. But it’s unclear if this just means that she wasn’t a virgin anymore & her virginity was violated. Cause only her husband was for that. Told you. Adult situations.)

But Shechem’s heart was drawn to Dinah. He loved the girl & spoke tenderly to her. Shechem said to Hamor, his dad, “I want that girl as my wife. Go get her for me.” When Jacob heard that Dinah had been “defiled,” her brothers were in the fields; so he kept quiet about it until they came home.

Hamor, Shechem’s dad, came to talk to Jacob. Now Jacob’s sons had come home from the fields as soon as they had heard what had happened. They were filled with fury & grief. They didn’t appreciate Shechem’s actions toward Dinah. (This is makes a case for rape. Because they won’t be mad at just him. If it was consensual then that’d be just as mad with her as they would be with him. *Not that you can make a case for rape*)

Hamor said to them that Shechem has his heart set on Dinah. And begs them to intermarry with them. Hamor wanted them to settle in that area, live there, trade there, & get real estate there. Then Shechem tells Jacob & his sons (Dinah’s brothers) that he’ll pay the bridal price & a great gift of anything they like. Dinah’s brothers said deceitfully, because Dinah had been violated, told Shechem that they couldn’t let their sister go to a man who was uncircumcised. That it would be disgraceful for them to do that. They also told him that they would consent if all of their males got circumcised! Then we’ll give our daughters to you to marry.

Hamor & Shechem thought it sounded good to them. Shechem was most honored in all of Hamor’s household. Shechem started doing exactly what they said because he was delighted with Dinah. So Hamor & Shechem went to the gate of their city. They talked to their fellow townsmen, told them what the deal was. Every single male in the entire city got circumcised.

3 days later, when they were all still in pain, 2 of Jacob’s sons (Simeon & Levi, who are Dinah’s brothers) took their swords & attacked the city, killing every male. They killed Hamor & Shechem & took Dinah from Shechem’s house. They left. They came across the dead bodies & looted them. They took their livestock & everything in the city. They pretty much carried all the wealth of the city. They took the women & children too.

Jacob got mad. Told them off.


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