The Book of Genesis, Chapter 28

This chapter is about Jacob going to Laban’s house. Also in this chapter, Jacob’s ladder. Jacob’s ladder has always fascinated me. There are some circles that believe that Jacob’s ladder & the angels of said ladder are a metaphors. We’ll get into that. I hope you enjoy the read!

So Isaac called for Jacob & blessed him. Isaac told Jacob not to marry a Canaanite woman. Isaac told him to go to Laban’s house, Jacob’s uncle. Isaac also told Jacob to marry one of Laban’s daughters. Which would be Jacob’s 1st cousin. Then Isaac sent Jacob on his way to Paddan Aram (northwest Mesopotamia).

Now Esau learned that Isaac had blessed Jacob. AND had sent  him to Paddan Aram to get a wife from there. And when Isaac blessed Jacob, Isaac told him not to marry a Canaanite woman. Jacob obeyed Isaac & Rebekah, then went to Paddam Aram. Esau then realized how “displeasing” Canaanite women were to Isaac. He then went to Ishmael (who would be Esau’s uncle. Follow me now. Abraham had Ishmael & Isaac. Isaac had Esau. Uncle.). Esau married Mahalath (whose the sister of Nebaioth & daughter of Ishmael son of Abraham), in addition to the wives he already had.

Jacob left Beersheba & set out for Haran. When he went so far, he stopped for the night. He made camp. Jacob took one of the stones, using it as a pillow & went to sleep. He had a dream that he saw a ladder/stairway resting on the ground & reaching all the way up to heaven. Angels of God were going up & down the ladder. Above the ladder stood God, saying, “I’m God. The God of Abraham & Isaac. I’ll make good on the covenant I made with Abraham because you’re his descendant.” (This part is where people make different interpretations. Like the angels are extraterrestrials, not exactly aliens, but not a spiritual entity. And the ladder is really like a beam. Think getting beamed up by the mothership.)_

When Jacob woke up, he thought that God was truly in that place. He was afraid. He thought it was the “gate of heaven.” (The gate of heaven could be like the “pearly gates” that St. Peter look after. Or it could be an actual location on Earth. Because there are “hell mouths” that are actual physical locations on Earth. That there are places on/in Earth that is a direct path to Hell. Like actual Hell, Satan, hellfire, the 9 yards. So the same could be true about heaven.)

Early the next day, Jacob got up & took the stone that he was using a pillow. He set it up as a pillar & poured oil over it. He called the place Bethel (means house of God) though the city was named Luz. Then Jacob made a vow that I find interesting: “If God will be with me & will watch over me on this journey I’m taking & will give me food to eat & clothes to wear. So that I return safely to my father’s house. THEN the Lord will be my God.”


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