The Gospel of Philip, Part 11

This part is about sacraments, the inner & outer, falling, returning to fullness, Adam, Eve, & all kinds of goodness. After this part, I’ll be getting into the dissection. I hope you enjoy the read.


The master did everything in a mystery: baptism, chrism, eucharist, redemption, & bridal chamber.

The Inner & the Outer

For this reason he said, “I’ve come to make the lower like the upper & the outer like the inner, & to unite them in that place.” He spoke here in symbols & images. Those who say there’s a heavenly person & one that’s higher are wrong, for they call the visible heavenly person “lower” & the one to whom the hidden realm belongs “higher.” It would be better for them to speak of the inner, the outer, & the outermost. For the master called corruption “the outermost darkness,” & there’s nothing outside it. He said, “My father who’s in secret.” He said, “Go into your room, shut the door behind you, & pray to your father who’s in secret-that is, the one who’s innermost is the fullness, & there’s nothing further within. And this is what they call uppermost. (The ‘he’ is Jesus.)

Fall & Return to Fullness

Before Christ some came from a realm they couldn’t reenter. They went to a place they couldn’t yet leave. Then Christ came. Those who went in he brought out, & those who went out he brought in. (Christ brings people from the material world back to the realm of fullness.)

When Eve Was In Adam

When Eve was in Adam, there was no death. When she was separated from him, death came. If she enters into him again & he embraces her, death will cease to be. (The Coptic text may read, without emendation, “If he again becomes complete & attains his former self, death will cease to be.” This meditation suggests that death will be undone in the oneness of androgyny (partly male & female in appearance; of indeterminate sex. Having physical characteristics of both sexes; hermaphrodite.)

“Why Have You Forsaken Me?”

The master was conceived from what is imperishable, through God. The master rose from the dead. But he didn’t come into being as he was. Rather, his body was completely perfect. It was of flesh, & the flesh was true flesh. Our flesh isn’t true flesh but only an image of the true. (Check out Matthew 27:46 & Mark 15:34, citing Psalms 22:1.)

The Wedding Chamber

Animals don’t have a wedding chamber, nor do slaves or defiled women. The wedding chamber is for free men & virgin.

Pure Marriage

No one can know when a husband & wife have sex except those 2, for marriage in this world is a mystery for those married. If defiled marriage is hidden, how much more is undefiled marriage a true mystery! It’s not fleshy but pure. It belongs not to darkness or night but to the day & the light. If marriage is exposed, it has become prostitution, & the bride plays the harlot not only if she’s impregnated by another man but even if she slips out of her bedchamber & is seen. Let he show herself only to her father & mother, the friend of the bridegroom (just in case, a bridegroom is a man on his wedding day or just after the wedding day.), & the attendants of the bridegroom. They’re allowed to enter the bridal chamber every day. But let the others yearn just to hear her voice & enjoy the fragrance of her ointment, & let them feed on the crumbs that fall from the table, like dogs. Bridegrooms & brides belong to the bridal chamber. No one can see a bridegroom or a bride except by becoming one.  (Check out Matthew 15:27 & Mark 7:28.)

Eternal Light

Everyone who enters the bedchamber will kindle the light. This is like marriages that occur in secret & take place at night. The light of the fire shines during the night & then goes out. The mysteries of that marriage, however, are performed in the day & the light, & neither that day nor its light ever sets. If someone becomes an attendant of the bridal chamber, that person will receive it while in this place, one cannot receive it in the other place. Those who receive the light cannot be seen or grasped. Nothing can trouble such people even while they’re living in this world. And when they leave this world, they’ve already received truth through images, & the world has become the eternal realm. To these people the eternal realm is fullness. This is the way it is. It’s revealed to such a person alone, hidden not in darkness & night but hidden in perfect day & holy night.


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