The Gospel of Philip, Part 10

This part is about human beings, animals, water, marriage, unclean spirits, & a few more. This part is going to be great! I love this read.

Human Beings & Animals

The superiority of human beings isn’t apparent to the eye but lies in what’s hidden. Consequently, they’re dominant over animals that are stronger than they are & greater in ways apparent & hidden. So animals survive. But when human beings leave them, animals kill & devour each other. Animals have eaten each other because they’ve found no other food. Now, however, they have food, because humans till the ground.

Going Down Into the Water

Anyone who goes down into the water & comes up without having received anything & says, “I’m a Christian,” has borrowed the name. But one who receives the Holy Spirit has the name as a gift. A gift doesn’t have to be paid back, but what’s borrowed must be paid. This is how it’s with us, when one of us experiences a mystery. (Going down into the water is a reference to baptism.)


The mystery of marriage is great. Without it, the world would not exist. The existence of the world depends on people, & the existence of people depends on marriage. Then think of the power of pure intercourse, though its image is defiled. (Throughout history people have thought of “intercourse” as having power. Not just reproductive power, but a spiritual power. Even Alister Crowley believed in “intercourse”-s power/magic.)

Unclean Spirits

Unclean spirits are male & female in form. Males have sex with souls that are female in form, & female cavort promiscuously with souls that are male in form. Souls cannot escape them if the spirits seize them, unless they receive the male or female power of the bridegroom & the bride. (Usually in the Christian tradition, the bridegroom is Jesus & the bride is the church as a whole.) These are received from the mirrored bridal chamber. When foolish females see a man by himself, they jump on him, fondle him, & pollute him. Likewise, when foolish males see a beautiful woman by herself, they seduce & violate her in order to pollute her. But when they see a husband & wife together, the females cannot make advances on the man & the males cannot make advances on the woman. So also if the image & the angel are joined, none can dare to make advances on the male or the female.

Whoever Leaves the World

Whoever leaves the world can longer be held back as if still in the world. Such a person clearly is beyond desire…& fear, is dominant…, & is above envy. If…, that person is grasped & choked. How can that person escape the great grasping powers? How can that person hide from them? Some say, “We’re faithful,” in order that they may escape unclean spirits & demons. For if they had the Holy Spirit, no unclean spirit could grab them. Don’t fear the flesh & don’t love it. If you fear the flesh, it’ll dominate you. If you love the flesh, it’ll swallow you up & strangle you.

This World, the Resurrection, & the Middle

A person is ether in this world or in the resurrection-or in the middle place. May I not be found there! In this world there’s good & evil, but the good of the world isn’t really good & the evil of the world isn’t really evil. After this world there’s evil that’s really evil: this is called the middle. The middle is death. As long as we’re in this world, we should acquire resurrection, so that when we take off the flesh, we may be found in rest & not wander in the middle. For many go astray on the way.

Will & Action

It’s good to leave the world before one sins. Some have neither the will not the strength to act. Others, even if they’ve the will, do themselves no good, for they’ve not acted. And if they don’t have the will…Righteousness is beyond their grasp, in either case. It always comes down to the will, not the action. (So I guess actions don’t speak louder!)

Vision of Hell

In a vision an apostolic person saw people who were locked up in a house of fire, bound with chains of fire, & thrown into…fire on account of…false faith. It was said, “They might have saved their souls, but they didn’t want to, so they got this place of punishment called the outer darkness…”

Water & Fire

Soul & spirit have come into being from water & fire. The attendant of the bridal chamber has come into being from water, fire, & light. Fire is chrism (chrism is a oil & balsam mix that’s consecrated & used in anointing at baptism & other rites of Catholic, Orthodox, & Anglican churches.). Light is fire. I don’t mean ordinary fire, which is pure white in appearance, beautifully bright & imparting beauty.

Truth & Nakedness

Truth didn’t come into the world naked but in symbols & images.  The world cannot receive truth in any other way. There’s rebirth & an image of rebirth, & it’s by means of this image that one must be reborn. What image is this? It’s resurrection. Image must arise through image. By means of this image the bridal chamber & the image must approach the truth. This is restoration. Those who receive the name of the father, son, & Holy Spirit & have accepted them must do this. If someone doesn’t accept them must do this. If someone doesn’t accept them, the name will also be taken from that person. A person receives them in chrism with the oil of the power of the cross. The apostles called this power the right & the left. This person is no longer a Christian but is Christ.


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