The Gospel of Philip, Part 9

This part is about pearls in mud, the name Christian, God being a man-eater. Plus a few more. It’s a interesting read. I hope you enjoy!

A Pearl in Mud

(This is a reference to throwing pearls before swine, which has been the topic in several passages throughout religious texts from various parts of the world, & different time periods also.)

If a pearl is thrown into mud, it will not lose its value, & if it’s anointed with balsam, it will not increase in value. It’s always precious in its owner’s eyes. Likewise, the children of God are precious in the eyes of the father, whatever their circumstances of life.

The Name “Christian”

If you say, “I’m a Jew,” no one will be moved. If you say, “I’m a Roman,” no one will be disturbed. If you say, “I’m Greek, barbarian, slave, free, “no one will be troubled. If you say, ‘I’m a Christian,'” the world will be shaken. May I receive the one whose name the world cannot bear to hear.

God Is a Man-Eater

God is a man-eater, & so people are sacrificed to him. Before people sacrificed, animals were sacrificed, because those to whom they were sacrificed were not gods.

Glass & Ceramic Vessels

Glass & ceramic vessels are both made with fire. If glass vessels break, they’re redone, since they’ve been made through breath. But if ceramic vessels break, they are destroyed. Since they’ve been made without breath.

A Donkey Turning a Millstone

A donkey turning a millstone walked a 100 miles.  When it was set loose, it found itself in the same place. Some people travel long distances but get nowhere. By nightfall they’ve seen no cities or villages, nothing man-made or natural, no powers or angels. These miserable people have labored in vain.

The Eucharist & Jesus

The Eucharist is Jesus. In Syriac it is called ‘pharisatha,’ which means, “that which is spread out.” For Jesus came to crucify the world. (Jesus was “spread out” on the cross.)

The Dye Works of Levi

The master went into the dye works of Levi, took 72 colored cloths, & threw them into a vat. He drew them out & they all white. He said, “So the child of humanity has come as a dyer.” (72 is a traditional number of nations in the world according Jewish lore. For another mediation on dyeing, see Gospel of Philip 61.)

Wisdom & Mary Magdalene

Wisdom, who’s called barren, is the mother of the angels. The companion of the savior is Mary Magdalene. The savior loved her more than all the disciples, & he kissed her often on her…(this word is missing. Mouth, hand, cheek. Who knows!? People have debated this for a long time.) The other disciples…said to him, “Why do you love her more than all of us?” The savior answered & said to them, “Why do I not love you like her? If a blind person & one who can see are both in darkness, they’re the same. When the light comes, one who can see will see the light, & the blind person will stay in the darkness.”

Wisdom or known as Sophia. Dividing the sentences differently, “Wisdom, who’s called barren, is the mother of the angels & the companion of the savior. The savior loved Mary Magdalene…” Here the word “companion” is ‘koinonos.’ On the special love of Jesus for Mary Magdalene, see Gospel of Mary 10:17-18 & Pistis Sophia 17 & 19. On Mary Magdalene as the companion, partner, or consort of Jesus, see Gospel of Philip 59, & on kissing & conceiving by kissing, see the Gospel of Philip 58-59. On the blind person in darkness, see the Gospel of Thomas 34.

One Who Is

The master said, “Blessings on one who’s before coming into being. For whoever is, was, & will be. See the Gospel of Thomas 19.


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