The Gospel of Philip, Part 7

This section has to do with the father, son, & the Holy Spirit. Also being covered will be evil forces, wisdom, salt, the child, the lost, & more. It’ll be fun. I hope you enjoy!

Father, Son, Holy Spirit

Father & Son are simple names; Holy Spirit is a double name. They’re everywhere, above & below, in the hidden & in the visible. The Holy Spirit is in the visible, & then it’s below. & the Holy Spirit is in the hidden, & then it’s above.

This may be a reference to the father & the son, in contrast to the spirit, mentioned next, or may be a reference to the spirit, or even to the father, son, & spirit together. Or the Holy Trinity, in the Christian traditions.

Holy Spirit & Evil Forces

Evil force serve the saints, for they’ve been blinded by the Holy Spirit into thinking they’re helping their own people when they really are helping the saints. (The evil forces were tricked. The evil forces thought that they were helping the other evil stuff but they were really just helping out the saints. A.K.A. The good guys. So the Holy Spirit is kinda like Loki. And yes, I realize the text says “blinded” Trickers do all kinds of things to trick people into doing things. Just sayin’.) So a disciple once asked the master for something from the world, & he said, “Ask your mother, & she will give you something from another realm.”

Wisdom & Salt

The apostles said to the disciples (Well, people always think that the words apostles & disciples are interchangeable. You can be one or the other or both. But the words are NOT interchangeable. They aren’t like the words chilly & icy. But you can be both like Peter or Paul. Or in some circles, Mary Magdalene.), “May our entire offering be provided with salt.” (Salt was EXTREMELY important in historical antiquity. Salt was used as currency, for food preservation, & various other things. This is where the expression “Worth their weight in salt,” came from.) For they called wisdom, salt. Without it an offering is unacceptable. Wisdom (Or, Sophia, here & elsewhere in the forbidden books of the Christian bible. Check out Leviticus 2:13; Mark 9:49 (with variant reading); Colossians 4:6. The suggested restoration, which is tentative, includes a possible reference to Lot’s wife.) is barren, with no children, & so she’s called the pillar of salt. (Kinda like Lot’s wife.) Whenever…the Holy Spirit…, & she has many children.

Father & Son

A father’s possessions belong to his child. As long as the child is young, the child will not have what belongs to it. When the child grows up, the father will turn over all the possessions.

The Lost

Those who’ve gone astray are offspring of the spirit, & they go astray because of the spirit. Thus from one spirit the fire blazes & the fire is extinguished.

Wisdom & Wisdom of Death

There’s Echamoth & there’s Echmoth. Echamoth is simply wisdom, but Echmoth is the wisdom of death, that is, the wisdom that knows death. That’s called little wisdom.

This passage seems to reflect the Valentinian distinction between a higher wisdom (often called Sophia) & a lower wisdom (often called Achamoth).

Tame & Wild Animals

Some animals are tame, such as the bull, the donkey, & the like. While others are wild & live off in the wild. People plow fields with tame animals, & as a result people are nourished, together with animals, whether tame or wild. So also the perfect human plows with powers that are tame & prepares everything to come into being. Thus the whole place has stability, good & evil (See, here again is the use of a yin & yang-type of deal. You can’t have one without the other.), right & left. The Holy Spirit tends everything & rules over all the powers, whether tame or wild & running loose. For the spirit is resolved to corral them, so that they cannot escape even if they wish.



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