The Gospel of Philip, Part 4

This part is going to be about the rulers (again!), the Holy Spirit, sowing & reaping truth, Mary conceiving, the father, & taking from every house. This one gets really interesting, especially when getting into Mary conceiving.

The Rulers & the Holy Spirit

The rulers thought they did all they did by their own power & will, but the Holy Spirit was secretly accomplished all through them by the spirit’s will. (So pretty much the rulers thought they were doing stuff. But the Holy Spirit sneakily made it happen through its own will.)

Sowing & Reaping Truth

Truth, which has existed from the beginning, is sown everywhere, & many see it being sown but few see it being reaped.

Mary the Mother of Jesus Conceiving

Some said Mary became pregnant by the Holy Spirit. They’re wrong & don’t know what they’re saying. When did a woman ever get pregnant by a woman? Mary is the virgin whom none of the powers defiled. This is greatly repugnant to the Hebrews, who are the apostles & apostolic persons. This virgin whom none of the powers defiled wishes that the powers would defile themselves. (See Matthew 1:18, 20; Luke 1:35.)

In Hebrew & other Semitic traditions the word “spirit” is feminine in gender, & the spirit may be considered to be the divine mother. See the Secret Book of James; the Gospel of Thomas 101; especially the Gospel of the Hebrews 3, in which Jesus refers to his mother, the Holy Spirit. So this means that Jesus has no earthly mother or father, that he’s a completely spiritual being with the flesh of a man.

My Father

The master wouldn’t have said, “My father who’s in heaven,” if he didn’t have another father. He would simply have said, “My father.” (Look at the Lord’s Prayer, Luke 11:2.) (How interesting that there’s more than 1 father.)

Take From Every House

The master said to the disciples, “Take something from every house & bring it to the father’s house. But don’t steal while in the father’s house & take something away.” (So it’s ok to “take”/steal from someone else but don’t steal from God (“the father”).)


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