The Gospel of Philip, Part 2

This part will sound like the New Testament of the Christian bible. Sowing & reaping, Christ coming, light & darkness, etc. I hope you enjoy the read.

Sowing & Reaping

Whoever sows in winter reaps in summer. Winter is the world, summer is the other, eternal realm. Let us sow in the world to reap in summer. And for this reason we shouldn’t pray in winter. For winter comes summer. If someone reaps in winter, the person will not really reap but will pull out the young plants, & such do not produce a crop. That person’s field is barren not only now but also on the Sabbath.

Christ Came

Christ came to purchase some, to save some, to redeem some.  He purchased strangers (Most likely the Gentiles.) & made them his own, & he brought back his own (This is probably the Jews.) whom he had laid down of his own will as a deposit. Not only when he appeared did he lay down the soul of his own will as a deposit, but from the beginning of the world he laid down the soul, for the proper moment, according to his will. (God’s or Jesus’ will?) Then he came forth to take it back, since it had been laid down as a deposit. (I’m assuming that this means the resurrection.) It had fallen into the hands of robbers & had been stolen, but he saved it. And he redeemed the good in the world & the bad.

Light & Darkness

Light & darkness, life & death, right & left, are siblings (or “brothers,” or more generally, “are related to one another.”) of one another, & inseparable. For this reason the good aren’t good, the bad aren’t bad, life isn’t life, death isn’t death. Each will dissolve into its original nature, but what’s superior to the world cannot be dissolved, for it’s eternal. (This goes into line with some Gnostic beliefs that the light isn’t completely the light. That there’s a little bit of the darkness in the light. Kinda like a yin/yang deal.)

Words & Names

The names of worldly things are utterly deceptive, for they turn the heart from what’s real to what’s unreal. Whoever hears the word God thinks not of what is real rather of what’s unreal. (This is different from the unreal of the worldly. It’s more ethereal.) So also with the words father, son, Holy Spirit, life, light, resurrection, church, & all the rest, people don’t think of what’s real but of what’s unreal, though the words refer to what’s real. The words refer to what’s real. The words that are heard belong to this world. Don’t be deceived. If words belonged to the eternal realm, they would never be pronounced in refer to what’s in the eternal realm. (This is like the Jewish faith not pronouncing God’s name or the Tetragrammaton.)


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