The Holy Book of the Great Invisible Spirit, Part 9: The Dissection, Part 1

The Holy Book of the Great Invisible Spirit, or the Egyptian Gospel, is a Sethian baptismal handbook that features a baptismal ceremony introduced by an account of the origin to the universe, in Sethian cosmological terms.

According to conclusion of the Holy Book of the Invisible Spirit, the handbook composed by great Seth, that is heavenly Seth, & deposited high in the mountains. It may be that the text means to imply that the Holy Book was left in mountains inscribed on steles (or ‘stela,’ origin is early 19th century. From Greek; ‘stele’ “standing block.”), as is also suggested in 2 other Nag Hammadi texts, 3 steles of Seth & the Discourse on the Eighth & Ninth.

These accounts, in turn, are reminiscent of story of Jewish historian Josephus (also known as Flavius Josephus.) He’s was Jewish historian, general, & Pharisee. (The Pharisees are mentioned only by Josephus & in the New Testament.) However, he was born Joseph ben Mattias. His Jewish War gives an eyewitness account of the events that led up to the Jewish Revolt against the Romans in 66, in which he was a leader. He tells how the descendants of Seth preserved the wisdom of Adam, Eve, & Seth on 2 steles of brick & stone, so that their insights would be preserved in all circumstances, through fire or flood. (So I wonder if it’s still around. Just buried under a bunch of dirt. Waiting for someone to dig up the stele that had all the wisdom of Adam, Eve, & Seth had!!!! Exciting!)

Eugnostos the Blessed                In a copyist’s note at the very end of the Holy Book of the Invisible Spirit, the name of the scribe is also given: Gongessos, in Latin Concessus, with the spiritual nickname Eugnostos, in this case Eugnostos the Blessed.

The cosmological induction of the Holy Book of the Great Invisible Spirit opens with an affirmation of the transcendent one, the great invisible spirit, parent, & father of all.  The account describing the great invisible spirit is replete with the glorious name & descriptions, & terms are used, especially terms of negation. To magnify the ineffability of the great invisible spirit.

From the great invisible spirit comes 3 powers (father, mother, child) & from these 3 more beings of light. The realm of Doxomedon (or Domedon Doxomedon) appears, “the eternal realm of eternal realms, with thrones in it, powers around it, & glories & incorruptions,” & in rapid succession Yoel, Christ the anointed, Esephech, & the human Adamas & great Seth come forth, along with bewildering array of luminaries, & glorious entities.

When the word’s expressed, so the text says, “humankind came into being through the word.” Eventually the whole world is made, through Sophia, the great demon Nebrouel, & Sakla the fool, the arrogant world ruler.

The world isn’t a congenial place for the descendants of Seth, but in spite of hostility of the authority figures of this world, vicissitudes of history -flood, conflagration, judgment- & great Seth acts to save the holy people.  The whole career of Seth is narrated in the text, so that the Holy Book of the Invisible Spirit could be considered the good news, or the gospel, of Seth.


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