The Holy Book of the Great Invisible Spirit, Part 8

This section deals with a baptism hymn, the conclusion, and a copyist’s note. Then in part 9, our dissection!!! Yay! This section gets pretty interesting. I hope you enjoy.

Baptismal Hymn

Yesseus, ĒŌ OU ĒŌ ŌUA, in truth truly, Yesseus Mazareus Yessedekeus, child of the child, glorious name, in truth truly, eternal being.

III, ĒĒĒĒ, EEEE, OOOO, YYYY, ŌŌŌŌ, AAAA, in truth truly, ĒI AAAA ŌŌŌŌ, being who sees the eternal realms in truth truly. A, EE, ĒĒĒ, IIII, YYYYYY, ŌŌŌŌŌŌŌŌ, being who exists forever, in truth truly.

IĒA AIŌ, in the heart, being who exists, U, forever & ever, you are what you are, you are who you are.

This great name of yours is upon me, you who lack nothing, you self-conceived one, who are close to me. I see you, you who are invisible to all.

In another voice: Having known you, I’ve now mingled with your constancy. I’ve armed myself with the armor of light. I’ve become bright. The mother was there for the lovely beauty of grace. So I’ve stretched out my 2 hands. I’ve been formed in the circle of the riches of light in my breast, giving form to the many beings produced in light beyond reproach. In truth I shall declare your glory, I’ve comprehended you: yours, Jesus; look, forever O forever E, O Jesus, O eternal realm, eternal realm, God of silence, I honor you completely.

You’re my place of rest, child, ES ES, the E, formless one existing among formless ones, raising the person by whom you’ll purify me into your life, according to your imperishable name. So the sweet smell of life is within me I’ve mixed it with water as a model for all the rulers, that I may live with you in the peace of the saints, you who exist forever, in truth truly.

The translation of the baptismal hymn includes materials drawn from the Codex IV version.

Possibly compare Greek: ĒI aaaa, oooo, “You’re alpha (4x), omega (4x).” Alpha & omega as the 1st & last letters of the Greek alphabet, can symbolize the 1st & the last, the beginning & the end; check out Revelation 1:8, 21:6, 22:13, & other texts. The Greek vowels in sequence; 5 omicrons (the 15th letter of the Greek alphabet (O, o), transliterated as ‘o.’) are expected after 4 iotas, to maintain the sequence. In texts of ritual power such vowels may be arranged for visual effect, in this case, perhaps to form a pyramid.

“In another voice” seem to be a liturgical rubric (a direction in a liturgical book as to how a church service should be conducted.) to indicate that the following portion of the baptismal hymn is to be chanted in a different voice.


This is the book great Seth composed & placed high in mountains on which the sun has not risen & cannot rise. Since the days of the prophets, apostles, & preachers, the name has never risen in their hearts & cannot rise in their hearts, & their ears haven’t heard it. Great Seth wrote this book letter in a period of 130 years. He placed it on the mountain called Charaxio, so that, at the end of the times & ages, according to the wish of the self-conceived God & the entire fullness, through the gift of the unsearchable inconceivable fatherly will, he may come forth & appear to this holy incorruptible generation of the great savior & those dwelling with them in love, & the great invisible eternal spirit & it’s only child, & eternal light, & it’s great incorruptible partner, & incorruptible Sophia, & Barbelo, & all the fullness, in eternity. Amen.

Copyist’s Note

The Egyptian Gospel, a holy book, written by God. Grace, intelligence, perception, & understanding be with the copyist.  Eugnostos the beloved in the spirit, my worldly name is Gongessos, & my fellow luminaries in incorruptibility. Jesus Christ, son of God, savior, ICHTHYS! The Holy Book of the Great Invisible Spirit is written by God. Amen.

The Holy Book of the Great Invisible Spirit. Amen.

Literally, “in the flesh my name if Gongessos.” The Latin form of this name is Concessus. ‘ICHTHYS,’ a Greek word meaning “fish,” is a famous Greek acronym for “Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior.”


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