The Holy Book of the Great Invisible Spirit, Part 7

This part is about guardian angel, incarnations of Seth, baptism, & Jesus. This particular section gets intense, for lack of a better word. This is a nice read. You’ll definitely enjoy this.

Guardian Angels & Incarntions of Seth

Seth requested guardians for his seed. 400 ethereal angels came from the great realms, accomplished by great Aerosiel & great Selmechel, to protect the great incorruptible generation, it’s fruitfulness, & the great people of great Seth, from the time & era of truth & justice until the end of the age & it’s rulers, whom the great judges condemned to death, Great Seth was sent by the 4 luminaries, according to the will of the 1 self-conceived & all the fullness, thought the gift & good pleasure of the great invisible spirit, the 5 seals, & all the fullness.

Seth went through 3 adverts, already mentioned: flood, conflagration, & judgment of the rulers, powers, & authorities. He did this to save the generation that went astray, ‘by means of the baptism through a body conceived by the world, which great Seth prepared for himself, mystically, through the virgin, that the holy people may be conceived by the Holy Spirit, through invisible secret symbols, through the destruction of world against the world, through the renunciation of the world & the god of the 13 realms, & the appeals of the holy ineffable incorruptible ones, in the heart & great light of the father, which pre exists in his forethought.’

The Codex IV version reads “Selmelchel.” Also check out the 13 kingdoms in the Revelation of Adam 77-82.

Seth Establishes Baptism Through Jesus (Yes! You read that correctly. Enjoy!)

Through forethought Seth has instituted the holly baptism that surpasses heaven, by means of the incorruptible one, conceived by the word, the living Jesus, with whom great Seth has been clothed. He has nailed down the powers of the 13 realms. Through this means he has established those who are brought in & go out, & he has equipped them with armor of the knowledge of truth, with incorruptible, invincible power. There appeared to them the great attendant Yesseus Mazareus Yessedekeus, the living water, the great commanders, Jacob the great, Theopemptos, Isaoel one stationed over grace, Mep…el those stationed over the wellspring of truth, Micheus, Michar, Mnesinous one stationed over the baptism of the living, (is there one for the dead?!), & the purifiers, Sesengenbarpharanges those stationed over the gates of the water.

Micheus & Michar those stationed over the height, Seldao & Elainos those receiving the great generation, the incorruptible might people of great Seth, the attendants of the 4 luminaries, great Gamaliel, great Gabriel, great Samblo, great Abrasax those stationed over sunrise, Olses, Hypneus, Heurumaious those stationed over the entrance into the state of rest of life eternal the governors Mixanther & Michanor the guardians of chosen souls, Akramas & Strempouchos the great power.

Heli Heli Machar Machar Seth the great invisible unnameable unspeakable virgin spirit, & silence the great luminary Harmozel, where the living self-conceived God of truth is with whom is the incorruptible human Adamas, the 2nd luminary Oroiael, where great Seth & Jesus are. Jesus who has life & who has come & crucified what’s under the law.

The 3 luminary Daveithe, where the children of the great Seth are. The 4th luminary Eleleth, where the souls of the children are at rest. 5th, Yoel, stationed over the name of the 1 who will be ordained to baptize with the holy incorruptible baptism that surpasses heaven.

From now on, through the incorruptible human Poimael, with regard to those worthy of the invocation & words of the renunciation of the 5 seals in the baptism of running water, they’ll know those who receive them, as they’re instructed, & they’ll be known by them, & they shall not taste death.

“Through it (or him),” with reference to baptism, or else to Seth, Jesus, or the act of nailing. This may refer to actions undertaken in the rite of baptism. The name Yesseus Mazareus Yessedekeus, here & throughout, may be related to the name of Jesus. The line is added from the Codex IV version. The traditional spelling of a word or name of power, found in the Codex IV version. The Codex III version omits “bar.”

Known from magical texts, Sesengenbarpharanges probably derives from Aramaic. The Codex IV version reads “Umneos” or “Hymneos.” Poimael resembles the name Poimandres in Hermetic literature, & Poimandres probably derives from the Greek for “shepherd of men.” The men Poimael may suggest Hermetic themes in the Holy Book of the Great Invisible Spirit.


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