The Holy Book of the Great Invisible Spirit, Part 6

This part of the series is about how arrogant Sakla is, the coming of some repentance, Hormos, the Seed of Seth, flooding, fires, plagues, famines, & temptations!!! These are the BEST!!! I’ve highly enjoyed reading these sections!!! I hope you enjoy this read.

The Arrogance of Sakla, the Coming of Repentance

After the world was founded, Sakla said to his angels, “I’m a jealous god, & nothing has come into being apart from me.” He felt certain of his nature. A voice called from on high & said, “Humankind exists, & the child of humankind.” The 1st modeled creature was formed the descent of the image above. The image resembles its voice on high, the voice of the image. The image gazed out, & from the gaze of the image above, the 1st creature was formed. And for the sake of this creature (I’ve always thought the “creature” was humans.)  repentance came to be. Repentance was completed & empowered through the will & good pleasure of the father. The father approved of the great incorruptible immovable generation of great mighty people of great Seth, so that he might sow repentance in the realms that had been produced, & through repentance in the realms that had come full. For repentance came down from above to the world, which resembles the night. Whe she came, she prayed for the seed of the ruler of this realm & the authorities derived from him, which is the defiled seed from the god who produces demons & who’s destined to be destroyed, & she prayed for the seed of Adam & great Seth, which is like the sun.

Check out Exodus 20:5; Deut. 5:9; & Isaiah 46:9.

Hormos & the Seed of Seth

Then the great Angel Hormos came to prepare the seed of great Seth, through the Holy Spirit, in a holy body conceived by the word, by means of virgins of the defiled sowing of seed in this realm. Great Seth came with his seed, & he sowed it in the realms brought into being here below, whose number is the number of Sodom. Some say Sodom is the pastureland of great Seth-that is, Gomorrah. But others say great Seth took his crop from Gomorrah & planted it in a second location, which he named Sodom. This is the generation that appeared through Edokla. For by the word she gave birth to truth & justice. This is the source of the seed of life eternal, which belongs to those who endure through knowledge of where they came from. This is the great incorruptible generation that has come thought 3 worlds into this world.

The name Hormos means “refuge, shelter, haven.” Or literally, “vessel.” It’s a reference through sexual intercourse.

Flood, Fire, Plagues, Famines, Temptations

The flood has come to indicate the end of the age, & it will be sent into the world. Because of this generation a conflagration will come upon the earth, but to those who belong to this generation grace will be treated through prophets & guardians who protect the life of this generation there will famines & plagues, which will take place because of this great incorruptible generation. Because of this generation there will temptations, & deception by false prophets. Great Seth saw what the devil was doing, his many guises, his schemes against the incorruptible immovable generation, the persecutions by his powers & angels, their deception. They acted reshot against themselves. Great Seth offered praise to the green unnameable virgin spirit, the male virgin Barbelo, the triple male child Telmael, Telmael, Heli, Heli, Machar, Marchar, Seth, the power that truly lives in truth, the male virgin Youel, Esephech, master of glory, the crown of its glory, the great realm of Doxomedon, the thrones in it, the powers around them, all the fullness, already mentioned.



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