The Holy Book of the Great Invisible Spirit, Part 5

This section is going to be about the luminaries being enthroned, THE great Seth & his “seed,” Sophia, Sakla, Nebrouel, & angels. This part IS THE BEST! It gets into some pretty interesting themes, characters, time lines, & genealogy. I had to re-read these passages again a couple of times. Because it got me. The 2nd time I re-read it was to make sure I’d read it right (I had!), the 3rd time was to see if I really had it. And I read it again like 5-6 times total & got something out of it just about every time (My mind was so blown the 1st time that it took the 2nd time to “get it!” So I hope that y’all get something out of it, just like I did. And I hope you enjoy this read!

The Luminaries Are Enthroned

Then everything shook, & the incorruptible ones trembled. The triple male child came down from above to those unborn & self-conceived, & to those conceived int the realm of birth. The majesty appeared, all the majesty of the great Christ, & established thrones of glory, myriads without number, in the 4 realms around them, myriads without number, in the 4 realms around them, myriads without number, powers, glories & incorruptions. They came forth in this way. The incorruptible spiritual assembly expanded within the 4 luminaries of the great living self-conceived God of truth. They praised, sang, & gave glory with one voice, that’s not silent, to the father, the mother, the child, & all their fullness, already mentioned. The 5 seals of the myriads, the rulers over the realms, & the couriers of the glory of the governors were ordered to appear to those who are worthy. Amen.

This reading follows the Codex IV version; the Codex III version reads “The triple male children.”

The Seed of Great Seth

Great Seth, son of the incorruptible human Adamas, offered praise to the great invisible unnameable unspeakable virgin spirit, the male virgin, the triple male child, Esephech, master of glory, the crown of its glory & child of the child, the great realms of Doxomedon & the fullness, already mentioned. Seth asked for his seed. Then Plesithea came from that place, the great power of great light, mother of the angels (who knew that angels had a mom(s)?!), mother of the luminaries, glorious mother, virgin with 4 breasts (this one is head scratcher for me. If someone can tell me what’s up with this, I’d be happy.), bearing fruit from the wellspring of Gomorrah & Sodom, fruit of the wellspring of Gommorah within her, Plesithea came forth through the great Seth. Great Seth rejoiced over the gift given to him by the incorruptible child. He took his seed from the virgin Plesithea with the 4 breasts & established it with him in the 4 realms, in the 3rd great luminary Daveithe.

The name Plesithea may mean “full goddess” or “nearby goddess.” Here & in other gnostic texts, for example the Paraphrase of Shem, Sodom & Gomorrah can be considered to be locales inhabited by Gnostics who are persecuted by the ruler of this world.

Sophia of Matter, Sakla, Nebrouel, & Angels

5,000 years later, the great Eleleth said, “Let someone reign over chaos & Hades.” A cloud named Sophia of matter appeared…. She surveyed the regions of chaos, & her face looked like…in her appearance….blood. The great angel Gamaliel spoke to the great Gabriel (who foretold the birth of Jesus to the Virgin Mary (Luke 1:26-38), & who also appeared to Zacharias, father of John the Baptist, & to Daniel; in Islam, Gabriel was the archangel who reveled the Koran (also spelled Quran) to the prophet Muhammad), the attendant of the great luminary Oroiel, & said, “Let an angel appear to reign over chaos & Hades.” The cloud of wisdom agreed & produced 2 individuals…a little light…the angel she had established in the cloud above. Sakla the great angle observed Nebrouel the great demon who is with him. Together they brought a spirit of reproduction to the earth, & they produced angelic assistants. Sakla said to Nebrouel the great demon, “Let 12 realms come into being in the…realm, worlds.” Through the will of the one self-conceived, Sakla the great angel said, “There shall be…7 in number…” He said to the great angels, “Go, each of you reign over your own world.” And each of these 12 angels left. The 1st angel is Athoth, whom the great generations of people call…, the 2nd is Harmas, the eye of fire, the 3rd is Galila, the 4th its Yobel, the 5th is Adonaios, who’s called Sabaoth, the 6th is Cain, whom the great generations of people call the sun, the 7th is Abel, the 8th is Akiressina, the 9th Youbel, the 10th is Harmoupiael, the 11th is Archir-Adonin, the 12th is Belias. These are set over Hades & chaos.

Sakla, whose name means “fool” in Aramaic (which is a Semitic language, a Syrian dialect of which was used as a lingua franca (a language that’s adopted as a common language between speakers whose native languages are different. Historically, a mixture of Italian with French, Greek, Arabic, & Spanish, formerly used in the Levant (the eastern part of the Mediterranean with its islands & neighboring countries). Origin is from the late 17th century. It’s from Italian. Literally means “Frankish tongue.”) in the Near East from the 6th century BC. Gradually replaced Hebrew as the language of the Jews is those areas & was itself supplanted by Arabic in the 7th century.), is the creator of the world. Especially in Sethian texts. In Manichaean thought the female Nebroel & the Sakla are demons who create the creatures of the material world through sexuality.

For a possible restoration of the lacuna for the 1st angel Athoth, see the tentative restoration in the Secret Book of John.



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