The Holy Book of the Great Invisible Spirit, Part 3

This part gets interesting. Talks a lot about virgins, spirits, & the 4 eternal realms. Plus Seth & the 4 luminaries. It’s a nice read. Enjoy!

Mirothea & Adamas

Then there came forth from that place the cloud of great light, living power, the mother of the holy incorruptible ones, the great Mirothea. She gave birth to the being whose name I utter by saying, ‘You’re one, you’re one, you’re one, EA EA EA.’ This is Adamas, light that has radiated from light the eye of the light, the first human being, through whom & to whom is everything, without whom is nothing. The unknowable, incomprehensible father came forth & descended from above to undo the deficiency. The great divine self-conceived word & the incorruptible human Adamas joined with each other, & a human power of the word was produced. So humankind came into being through the word. This human power of the word offered praise to the great invisible incomprehensible virgin spirit, the male virgin Barbelo, the triple male child, the male virgin Youel, Esephech, the master of glory & the child of the child, the crown of its glory, the great of Doxomedon, the thrones in it, the powers around it, glories, incorruptions, & their fullness, already mentioned, the ethereal earth, receiving God where holy people of the great light take shape, people of the father of the silent living silence, the father & all their fullness, already mentioned.

The Codex III version resumes with page 49. The text reads “Mirothoe.” Mirothea is a Sethian name or eptithet for the divine in several texts. The meaning is uncertain, but it may mean “divine destiny” (from Greek ‘moiro-theos’, compare with Moria, “Destiny,” in Greek mythology) or “divine anointed one” (from Greek ‘myro-theos’). Mirothea is the feminine form & Mirotheos is the masculine form. Here Mirothea denotes the mother of Adamas (check out Pigeradamas in the Secret Book of John.).

Four Eternal Realms, Seth, the Four Luminaries

The great divine self-conceived word & the incorruptible human Adamas offered praise. They requested power & eternal strength for the one self-conceived, so that 4 eternal realms may be fully completed & through them there may appear the glory & power of the invisible father of the holy people of the great light coming into the world. The world resembles the night. Then the incorruptible human Adamas requested that a child come from himself, so that the child may be father of the immovable incorruptible generation, & through this generation silence & speech may appear & through it the dead realm may rise & then fade away. So the power of the great light came from above. She was revelation, & she gave birth to 4 great luminaries, Harmozel, Oroiael, Daveithe, Eleleth, along with great incorruptible Seth, son of the incorruptible human Adamas. And so was completed the perfect realm of Adamas. And so was completed the perfect realm of 7, which exists in hidden mysteries. When it receives glory, it becomes 11 realms of 8.

On the 4 great luminaries, check out the Secret Book of John.



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