The Holy Book of the Great Invisible Spirit, Part 2

Yoel, Christ, Esephech

They asked for power. A silence of living silence appeared, glories & incorruptions in the eternal realms,…realms, myriads in addition,…triple male beings, triple male offspring, male generations, glories of the father, glories of the great Christ & the male offspring. The generations filled the great realm of Doxomedon with the power of the word of all the fullness. The triple male child, the great Christ, whom the great invisible spirit had anointed & whose power is called Ainon, offered praise to the great invisible spirit & the male virgin Yoel, & the silence of silent silence, & the majesty…, ineffable…, unspeakable…, unanswered, uninterpreted, the first to appear, unannounced,…wonderful…, unspeakable…, who has all the majesties of majesty of the silence there. The triple male child offered praise & asked for power from the great invisible virgin spirit. There appeared in that place…who beholds glories…treasures…invisible mysteries…of silence…the male virgin Youel. The child of the child Esephech appeared. So it was completed: the father, the mother, the child, the 5 seals, the invincible power, who are incorruptible holy…the end…incorruptible…are powers, glories, & incorruptions…came forth… This one offered praise to the undisclosed hidden mystery…hidden…in…the eternal realms…thrones,…& each one…myriads of powers without number around them, glories & incorruptions…& they…the father, the mother, & the child, & all the fullness, already mentioned, & the 5 seals, & the mystery of mysteries. They appeared…who is over…& the eternal realms, in truth, truly,…eternal…& the eternal realms, forever in truth, truly.

The Codex IV version reads: “She (that is Barbelo) asked for power.” These lines are added from Codex IV, 55. On Ainon, perhaps compare the site named in John 3:23 & one the Madaba mosaic map. Pages 45-48 are missing in the Codex III version. The following pages are added from Codec IV, 55-60.

On the 5 seals, here & below, compare to the baptismal reference in the Secret Book of John II, 31.

Divine Emanation

An emanation appeared in silence, with the living silence of the spirit, the father’s word, & light. She…the 5 seals, which the father conceived from within, & she passed through all the eternal realms, already mentioned. She established glorious thrones & myriads of angels without number around them, powers & incorruptible glories, & they all sang songs, gave glory, & offered praise with one voice, with one accord, with a sound that is never silent…to the the father, the mother, the child…, all the fullnesses, already mentioned, that is, the great Christ, who come from silence, wh’s the incorruptible child, Telmael Telmachale Eli Eli Machar Machar Seth, the power that truly lives, & Esephech, master of glory & child of the child, & the crown of its glory, …of the 5 seals, the fullness, already mentioned.

The Word

The great living self-conceived word appeared, the true God, the unborn nature, whose name I utter by saying, ‘…AIA..THAOTHOSTH…, child of the great Christ (A curious turn of phrase, I think.), child of ineffable silence, who came from the great invisible incorruptible spirit.’ The child of silence appeared with silence…invisible…hidden…& the treasures of its glory. It appeared in the visible…& established 4 eternal realms. Through the word it established them. The word offered praise to the great invisible virgin spirit, the silence of the father, I silence of the living silence of the silence, where humankind rests…


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