The Holy Book of the Great Invisible Spirit or The Egyptian Gospel, Part 1

This forbidden book of the Christian bible is definitely a decisive one. You either love it or hate it. This book gets into the father, mother, & son. Yes, mother. My mind is still boggled by this one. I hope you enjoy.

The Holy Book of the Great Invisible Spirit or The Egyptian Gospel

(Editions: ‘The Facsimile Edition of the Nag Hammadi Codices: Codex III’; ‘The Facsimile Edition of the Nag Hammadi Codices; Codx IV’; Alexander Bohlig & Frederik Wisse, eds., ‘Nag Hammadi Codices III, 2 I IV, 2.’ Translations: Alexander Bohlig & Frederik Wisse, “The Gospel of the Egyptians,” in the Nag Hammadi Library in English,’ ed. James M. Robinson, 208-19; Bentley Layton, ‘The Gnostic Scriptures,’ 101-20; Marvin Meyer (whom I’d love to write on this blog!!!! I would lose my mind! Such a fangirl!), “The Baptismal Ceremony of the Gospel of the Egyptians,” in ‘The Gnostic Bible,’ ed. Willis Barnstone & Marvin Meyer, 218-23; Uwe-Karsten Plisch, “Das heilige Buch des groben unsichtbaren Geistes,” in ‘Nag Hammadi Deutsch,’ ed. Hans-Martin Schenke, Hans-Gebhard Bethge, & Ursula Ulrike Kaiser, 1:293-321. This translation is based mostly on the Codex III version of the Holy Book of the Great Invisible Spirit, though the Codex IV version has also been used. Where lacunae in one version may be confidently restored on the basis of readings preserved in the other version.)

‘The holy book of the…great invisible spirit, the parent, the father whose name cannot be named, who came from the heights of fullness, light of light of the realms of light, light of the silence of forethought & the father of silence, light of word & truth, light of the incorruptions, infinite light, radiance from the realms of light of the unrevealed, undisclosed, unaging, unannounced father, eternal realm of eternal realms, self-conceived, self-conceiving, self-producing, foreign, truly true eternal realm.’

This is the reading of the Codex IV version. The Codex III version reads “The book of the holy…of the great invisible spirit.” Possiblities for restoring the lacuna in the Codex IV version: “prayers” or “prayers of the great invisible spirit.” The text reads “father,. here & below, for the transcendent great invisible spirit as well as for the lower manifestation of the divine.

Three Heavenly Powers Come from the Great Invisble Spirit

Three powers came forth from the great invisible spirit: the father, the mother, & the child. (This makes me scratch my head every time I read this line!!!) They came from the living silence of the incorruptible father, from the silence of the unknown father. The realm of Domedon Doxomedon came from it, the eternal realms & the light of each of their powers. The child appeared 4th, the mother 5th, the father 6th. The great invisible spirit was…unrecognized, undisclosed among all the powers, glories, & incorruptions. So from the great invisible spirit came 3 powers, 3 realms of 8 that the father conceives from within, in silence, with forethought: the father, the mother, & the child.

Domedon may mean “lord of the house” or “lord of glory.” This passage may also suggest a 2nd trinity. The father, mother, & child. We can assume that the gender of the child is male.

The Father

The 1st realm of 8, for whose sake the child that’s 3 times male came forth: thought, word, incorruptibility, life eternal (it doesn’t say here if it’s either a mortal one or spiritual one), will, mind foreknowledge, & the androgynous father.

The Mother

The 2nd power, or realm, of 8: the mother, the virgin Barbelo, Epititioch…ai, Memeneaimen…who is over heaven, Karb…, Adonai (A Hebrew name for God.), the inexplicable power, the ineffable mother. She shone & appeared, & she took pleasure in the father of the silent silence.

On Barbelo, see the Secret Book of John. The Codex IV version reads “…Kaaba.” “Adone,” added here from the Codex IV version. The Codex IV includes “…adroboriaor…”

The Child

The 3rd power, or realm, of 8: the child of the silent silence, the crown of the silent silence, the glory of the father, & the virtue of the mother.  From within, the child produces 7 powers of great light, which are the 7 vowels, & the word completes them. These are the 3 powers, or 3 realms, of 8 that the father conceived from within through forethought. The father conceived them there.

The Realm of Doxomedon

Domedon Doxomedon appeared, the eternal realm of eternal realms, with thrones in. It, powers around it, & glories & incorruptions. The father of the great light who came forth in silence is the great realm of Doxomdon, in which the triple male child rests. The throne of its glory was established in it, & the undisclosed name is inscribed on it, on the tablet,…the word, the father of the light of all, who came from silence & rests in silence, whose name is in an invisible symbol. (It’s not known what this symbol is!) A hidden, invisible mystery came forth: image

And so the 3 powers offered praise to the great invisible unnameable ineffable virgin spirit, & the male virgin.

The mystery seems to be in the sequence of the vowels: IEOU, E, A, O. Lepu, or Yeu is the true name of God (see Yao), according to the gnostic Book of Yeu; E, epsilon, may have the numerical value of 5 & is used later in the text, or conceivably it may represent the Greek word ‘estin’, “is”; A & O are alpha & omega, the first & last letters of the Greek alphabet.  If ‘E’ means “is,” then the vowel series may read “leou is alpha & omega.”


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