The Gospel of Mary (Magdalene), Part 1

This forbidden book of the bible is an extra-ordinary one, to say the least. This one is where we find Mary Magdalene being the center of the text, the heroine. This book also is the one you may have heard about because it’s the one where Jesus allegedly kisses Mary Magdalene on her mouth & allegedly proves that Mary & Jesus were married. This gospel is, in parts, set after Jesus was crucified & tranfigured to heaven. Peter & Mary do go at again! I found this one the most encouraging in my own faith & spirituality. I do have a Christian background but I find this ‘gospel’ to be enriching to any faith, & any gender, even though it is geared toward the feminine. This part will be devoted to the disciples dialogue with the savior & Mary consoles the disciples, & Peter challenges Mary. This forbidden book is a very short one. They’ll be only 2-3 sections. Enjoy!

The Gospel of Mary

The Disciples Dialogue with the Savior

“Will matter be destroyed or not?” The savior replied, “All natures, all formed things, all creatures exist in & with each other, & they’ll dissolve into their own root. The nature of matter is dissolved into the root of its nature. Whoever has ears to hear should hear.” Peter said to him, “You’ve explained everything to us/ Tell us also, what’s the sin of the world?” The savior replied, “There’s not such a thing as in, but you create sin when you mingle as in adultery, & this is called sin. For this reason the good came among this reason the good came among you, to those of every nature, in order to restore nature to its root.” He continued, “That’s why you become sick & die, for you love what deceives you. Whoever has a mind should understand. Matter gave birht to passion that’s without form, because it comes from what’s contrary to nature, & then confusion arose in the whole body. That’s why I told you, ‘Be of good courage.’ And if you’re discouraged, be encouraged in the presence of the diversity of forms of nature (or “images of nature”). Whoever has ear to hear should hear.” When the blessed one said this, he greeted all of them & said, “Peach be with you. Receive my peace. Be careful that no one leads you astray by saying, ‘Look here’ or Look there.’ The child of humanity (or “son of man,” here & below) is within you. Follow that. Those who seek it will find it.  Go & preach the good news of the kingdom. Don’t lay down any rules other than what I’ve given you (Yeah, that turned out REALLY well!), & don’t establish law, as the lawgiver did, or you’ll be bound by it.” When he said this, he left them.

The first 6 pages are missing from the Coptic manuscript, & the extant text begins in the middle of a dialogue between Jesus & his disciples on the nature of matter. On dissolving the root matter, see the Gospel of Philip 53. In the Gospel of Mary, adultery is understood to be improper mingling with the world. See the similar perspective in the Exegesis (a critical explanation or interpretation of a text, especially of scripture) on the Soul, from the Nag Hammadi library.

On becoming sick & dying, see the discussion of sin in Romans 7. On being of good courage, see Luke 24:38 & John 14:27. On truth being present in symbols & images see the Gospel of Philip 67. On receiving my peace, check out John 14:27; 20:19, 21, 26. On ‘Is within you,’ see Luke 17:21; & the Gospel 113.

Mary Consoles the Disciples, & Peter Challenges Mary

The disciples were grieved. They wept profoundly & said, “How can we go to the Gentiles & preach the good new of the kingdom of the child of humanity? If the didn’t spare him, how will we spared?” Mary stood up, greeted them all, & said to her brothers, “Don’t weep or grieve or be in doubt, for his grace will be with you all & will protect you. Rather, let. Us praise his greatness, for he has prepared us & made us truly human.” When Mary said this, she turned their hearts to the good, & they began to discuss the words of the savior. Peter said to Mary, “Sister, we know the savior loved you more than any other woman. Tell us the words of the savior that you remember, which you know but we don’t, because we’ve not heard them.” Mary answered & said, “What’s hidden from you I shall reveal to you” She began to speak these words to them. She said, “I saw the master in a vision & I said to him, ‘Master, today I saw you in vision.’  He answered & said to me, ‘Blessings on you, since you didn’t waver you saw me, For where the mind is, the treasure is.’ I said to him, ‘Master, how does a person see a vision, with the soul or with the spirit?’ The savior answered & said, ‘A person sees neither with the soul nor with the spirit. The mind, which is between the 2 sees the vision…'”

In the Papyrus Oyrhynchus 3525, it’s added that Mary also kissed them tenderly.  On the special love of Jesus for Mary Magdalene, see the Gospel of Philip 59:63-64; also Pistis Sophia 17; 19. On the mind & treasure is, see Matthew 6:21.


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