The Book of Thomas, Part 4

This section is going to be talking about blessings on you. This is the end of the Book of Thomas. This section is pretty self-explainatory.

Blessings on You

Blessings on you who understand beforehand the temptations & flee from things that are alien. Blessings on you who are mocked & are not respected because of the love your master has for you. Blessings on you who weep & are oppressed by those who have no hope, for you’ll be released from all bondage. Watch & pray that you may not remain in the flesh, but that you may leave the bondage of the bitterness of the life. And when you pray, you’ll find rest, for you’ve left pain & reproach behind. When you leave the pains & the passions of the body, you’ll receive rest from the good one. You’ll reign with the king, you united with him & he with you, from now on & forever. Amen.”

The Book of Thomas

The Contender Writing to the Perfect

Scribal Note: Remember me also, my siblings, in your payers. Peace be with the holy & the spiritual.


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