The Book of Thomas, Part 3

This section is about Jesus preaching about judgment & shame on you. This section talks about hell, angels, bring shame on yourself. Enjoy!

Jesus Preaches About Judgment

The savior answered & said, “I tell you the truth, whoever listens to your word & turns away or sneers at it or smirks at these things, I tell you the truth, that person will be handed over to the ruler who’s on high, who rules as king over all the powers, & the ruler will turn him away & cast him down from on high into the abyss, & he’ll be imprisoned in a cramped, dark place. So he cannot turn or move because of the great depth of Tartaros & the burdensome bitterness of Hades. (Find it interesting that they use Greek references here.) Whoever relies on what is brought to him…will not be forgiven his madness, but will be forgiven his madness, but will be judged. Whoever has persecuted you will be handed over to the angel Tartarouchos, who has flaming fire that pursues them, & fiery whips that spew forth sparks into the face of the one pursued. If he flees to the west, he finds fire. If he turns to the south, he finds it there as well. If he turns north, the threat of erupting fire meets him again. Nor can he find the way to the east, to flee there & be saved, for  he didn’t find it while embodied so as to find on the day of judgment.”

Shame On You

Then the savior continued & said, “Shame on you, godless people, who’ve no hope, who are secure in things that don’t last. Shame on you who hope in the flesh & in the prison that’ll perish. How long will you sleep, & think what’s imperishable will also perish? Your hope’s based upon the world, & your God is this present life. You’re destroying your souls. Shame on you with the fire that burns within you. It’s insatiable. Shame on you because of the wheel that turns in your minds. Shame on you because of the smoldering within you. It’ll devour your flesh visibly, tear your souls secretly, & prepare you for each other. Shame on you, prisoners, for you’re bound in caves. You laugh, you rejoice in mad laughter. You don’t perceive your destruction. Neither do you perceive your plight, nor have you understood that swell in darkness & death. Rather, you’re drunk with fire & full of bitterness. Your hearts are deranged of your enemies because of the smoldering within you, & the poison & blows of your enemies are a delight to you. Darkness has risen in you like the light, for you’ve surrendered your freedom to slavery. You’ve darkened your hearts & surrendered your minds to foolishness. You’ve filled your minds with the smoke of the fire within you, & your light has been hidden in the dark cloud. You love the garment you wear, although it’s filthy, & you’ve been gripped by nonexistent hope. You’ve believed in what you don’t know. You all live in bondage but pride yourself in your freedom. You’ve baptized your souls in the water of darkness. You’ve pursued your own wishes. Shame on you who dwell in error, not seeing that the light of the sun, which judges the universe, will encircle everything to make slaves of the enemies. Nor do you perceive how the moon looks down night & day, seeing the bodies of your slaughters. Shame on you who love intercourse & filthy association with the female. And shame on you because of the powers of your bodies, for they will mistreat you. Shame on you because of the actions of the evil demons. Shame on you who entice your limbs with fire. Who will sprinkle a restful dew on you, to extinguish the many fires within you, & your burning? Who will make the sun shine on you, to diesel the darkness within you, & hide the darkness within you, & hide the darkness & filthy water? The sun & the moon will gave a fragrant aroma to you, as will the air, the spirit, the earth, & the water. If the doesn’t shine on these bodies, they’ll rot & perish just like weeds or grass. If the sun shines on them, they grow strong & choke the grapevine. But if the grapevine becomes strong & casts a shadow over the weeds & all the rest of the brush growing with it, & spreads & fill out, it alone inherits the land where it grows, & dominates wherever it has cast its shadow. So when it grows, it dominates the whole land, & it’s productive for its master & please him greatly. He would’ve gone to great pains pulling them out, but the grapevine by itself disposed of them & choked them, & they died & became like earth.” Then Jesus continued & said to them (I’m assuming that “them” is the disciples/close followers.), “Shame on you, for you’ve not accepted the teaching, & those who wish to accept it will suffer when they preach. You’ll persecute them, but you’ll rush into your own traps. You’ll cast them down to the lions & put them to death, daily, & they’ll rise from death.”



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