The Book of Thomas, Part 2

This section is going to discuss wisdom & foolishness. And our own & the others. This section is interesting, to say the least. This section is pretty self-explanatory. I hope you enjoy this! Happy reading.

Wisdom & Foolishness

The savior continued & said, “Oh, unsearchable love of light! Oh, bitterness of the fire! You blaze in the bodies of people, & in the marrow of their bones, blazing in them night & day, burning their limbs & making their minds night & day, buying their limbs & making their minds drunk & their souls deranged. You dominate males & females day & night; you move & arouse them secretly & visibly. When the males are aroused, they’re attracted to the females & the females to the males. That’s why it’s said that everyone who seeks truth from true wisdom will fashion wings to fly, fleeing from the passion that burns human spirits. And one will fashion wings to flee from every visible spirit.” (This reminds me of Icarius.)

Thomas answered & said, “Master, this is precisely what I ask you, since I understand that you’re beneficial to us through what you say.”  Again the savior answered & said, “This is why we must speak to you, because this is the teaching for the perfect. If you wish to become perfect, keep these sayings. If not, the name for you is ‘ignorant,’ since an intelligent person cannot associate with a fool. The intelligent person is perfect in all wisdom, but to the fool good & evil are the same.

The wise person will be nourished by truth, & will be like a tree growing by the stream of water. Some people have wings but rush toward visible things that are far from the truths. The fire that guides them gives them an illusion of truth. It will shine on them with a perishable beauty, & it will imprison them in dark delight & capture them in sweet-smelling pleasure. And it will make them bling with insatiable desire, inflame their souls, & be like a stake that’s jammed into their heart & can never be removed. Like a bit in the mouth, it leads them according to its own wish. It has bound them with its chains, & tied all their limbs with the bitterness of the bondage of desire for those visible things that perish & change & fluctuate impulsively. They’ve always been drawn downward. When they’re slain, they’re drawn to all the animals of corruption.”

Thomas answered & said, “It’s clear & has been said that…those who don’t know…soul.” The savior answered & said, “Blessings on the wise person who has sought truth, & when it has been found, has rested upon it forever, & has not been afraid of those who wish to trouble him.”

Our Own & the Others

Thomas answered & said, “Master, is it beneficial for us to rest among our own?” The savior said, “Yes, it’s useful, & it’s good for you, since the things visible among people will pass away. For the vessel of their flesh will pass away, & when it disintegrates, it will come to be among visible things, among things that can be seen. The visible fire gives them pain, because of the love of faith they once had. They will be gathered back to the visible realm. Moreover, the first love, in their concern for this & the burning of the fire. There’s only a little time before what’s visible will pass away. Then shapeless phantoms will come & dwell forever in the midst of the tops on corpses, in pain & destruction of soul.”

Thomas answered & said, “What can we say in the face of these things? What shall we say to those who are blind? What teaching shall we give those miserable mortals who say, ‘We’ve come to do good & not to curse,’ & will say further, ‘If we hadn’t been born in the flesh, we wouldn’t have known iniquity?’ The savior said, “To tell the truth, don’t think of these as human beings, but regard them as animals. As animals devour each other,so people like this devour each other. They’re deprived of the kingdom, since they love the delight of fire & are slaves of death & rush to deeds of corruption. They fulfill the desire of their parents. They’ll be cast down into the abyss & be afflicted by the compulsion of the bitterness of their evil nature. They’ll be whipped to drive them down to a place they don’t know, & they’ll leave their limbs behind, not with fortitude but with despair. And they rejoice in the fire, they love madness & derangement, because they’re fools. They pursue derangement, not realizing their madness but thinking they’re wise. They…the love of their body…, their hearts turning to themselves & their thoughts being on their affairs. But fire will consume them.”

Thomas answered & said, “Master, what can one cast down to them do? I’m very concerned about them, for many oppose them. The savior answered & said, “What’s evident to you?” Judas,called Thomas, said, “Master, you should speak & I shoal listen.” The savior answered, “Listen to what I tell you & believe the truth. What sows & what’s sown will pass away in their fire, in fire & water, & will be hidden in tombs of darkness. And after a long time the fruit of evil trees will appear & be punished & slain in the mouths of animals & people through the agency of the rains, the winds, the air, & the light shining above.”

Thomas answered, “They certainly have convinced us, master. We realize in our hearts, it’s clearly so, & your word is not meager. But these sayings that you tell us are laughable & ridiculous to the world, since they’re not understood. How can we go forth & preach them when we’re not respected in the world?”


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