The Book of Thomas or The Contender Writing to the Perfect, Part 1

This forbidden book of the bible, I’ve mentioned in a few of other series’. It’ll be a fun ride. Again, I hope you enjoy this!

The Book of Thomas or The Contender Writing to the Perfect

The hidden sayings that the savior spoke to Judas Thomas, which I, Mathaias, in turn recorded. I was walking, listening to them speak to each other.

Jesus Speaks with Brother Thomas (This is the same Thomas as in the Gospel of Thomas.)

The savior said, “Brother Thomas, while you’re still in the world, listen to me & I shall reveal to you what you’ve thought about in your heart. Since it’s said that you’re my twin & true friend, examine yourself & understand who you are, how you exist, & how you’ll come to be. Since you’re to be called my brother, it’s not fitting for you to be ignorant of yourself. And I know that you have understood, for already you’ve understood that I’m the knowledge of truth. So while you’re walking with me, though you do lack understanding, already you’ve obtained knowledge & you’ll be called one who knows oneself. For those who’ve not known themselves have known nothing, but those who’ve know themselves already have acquired knowledge about the depth of the universe. So then, my brother Thomas, you’ve seen what’s hidden from people, what they stumble against in their ignorance.”

In this passage, Jesus didn’t outright say that Thomas was his actual biological twin brother. He implies that others say that Thomas is his twin. And since people perceive Thomas as Jesus’ twin, Jesus wants him (Thomas) to understand himself.

The Hidden & the Visible

Thomas said to the master, “That’s why I beg you to tell me what I ask before your ascension. When I hear from you about what’s hidden, I can speak of it. And it’ sclera to me that the truth is difficult to accomplish before people.” The savior answered & said, “If what’s visible to you is obscure to you, how can you comprehend what’ sin visible is the world are difficult for you to accomplish, how will you accomplish things of the exalted majesty & fullness, which are invisible? How will you be called workers? You’re beginners & haven’t attained the greatness of perfection.”

Thomas answered & said to the savior, “Tell us about these things that you say are invisible hidden from us.” The savior said, “All bodies have come into being in the same irrational way that animals are produced, & some they’re visible, as creatures lusting after creatures. Those that are above, however, don’t exist like those that are visible. Rather, they live from their own root, & their crops nourish them. But the visible bodies feed on creatures that are like them, & so the bodes are subject to change. Whatever is subject to change will perish & be lost, & henceforth has no hope of life, because this body is an animal body. Just as an animal body. Just as an animal body perishes, these modeled forms also will perish. Are they not from sexual intercourse like that of the animals? If the body too is from intercourse, how will it give birth to anything different from them? So then, you’re children until you become perfect.” (I find this line interesting. In my other series’, Jesus specifically states that people will enter the kingdom as children. So if he’s saying in this line that you’re gonna stay children until you’re perfect to me means that you’ll go to the kingdom as a kid, then you’re gonna grow up into an adult WHILE YOU’RE IN THE KINGDOM!)

Thomas answered, “This is why I say to you, master, those who speak about what’s why I say to you, master, those who speak about what’s invisible & difficult to explain are like people who shoot their arrows at a target during the night. Of course, they shoot their arrows as any people do, since they’re shooting at the target, but it’s not visible.  When light comes, however, & banishes darkness, then the accomplishment of each person will be clear. And you, our light, bring enlightenment, master.” Jesus said, “It’s through light that light exists.”

Thomas spoke & said, “Master, why does this visible light that shines that shines for people rise & set?” The savior said, “Blessed Thomas, surely this visible light has shone for you, not to keep here, but that you might leave. And when all the chosen ones lay down their animal nature, this light will withdraw up to its being, & its being, & its being will welcome it to itself, because the light is a good helper.”


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