The Second Discourse of Great Seth, Part 8


This section is about not know the mystery & what I’ve given you. This section is shorter than my normal posts. Apologies. I hope you enjoy!

Why Did You Not Know the Mystery?

O, you who cannot see, why really did you not the mystery? The rulers around Yaldabaoth were disobedient because of the thought that came down to him from Sophia the sister of thought, & they got together with those who were with them in a conflagration of fiery clouds, which was their jealousy, along with all the others produced by their own creatures.

They acted as though they had brought together the noble pleasure of the assembly. Instead they showed their own collective ignorance through a phony image of fire & earth & murderer (The murderer may be Yaldabaoth or Cain. See the Gospel of Philip 61). They’re few, the’re uneducated, & they were ignorant. They were bold to do these things, but they didn’t understand that light associates with what’s perishable & what is imperishable with what’s pure.

This is What I’ve Given You

This is what I’ve presented to you.  I’m Jesus the Christ, Child of humankind, exalted above the heavens. You who are perfect, & undefiled, I’ve presented this to you on account of the mystery that’s undefiled & perfect & ineffable, that you understand that we ordained these things before the foundation of the world, so that when we appear throughout the world, we may present the symbols of incorruption from the spiritual union with knowledge. You do now know this because of the cloud of flesh that overshadows you.  It’s I who am the friend of Sophia (which in this case is the personification of wisdom. Like Athena in Greek ‘mythology’. This line can also read: “It’s I who am the friend of wisdom.” See John 1:18). From the beginning I’ve been close to the father, where the children of truth are, & the majesty. Rest in me, my friends in spirit, my brothers & sisters, forever.

Second Discourse of Great Seth

The concluding title is given entirely in Greek in the manuscript. Great Seth is also referred to by that in Holy Book of the Great Invisible Spirit.



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