The Second Discourse of Great Seth, Part 7

This part is about the Christ & those who are friends. This part is kinda long. However it’s quite an enjoyable read.

I am Christ

O you who cannot see! You don’t perceive that on account of your blindness this is one unknown. Neither did those people ever know or understand him. They wouldn’t listen to an accurate account of him, & so they practiced their lawless justice & raised their filthy, murderous hands against him as if they were beating the air. Those who are mindless & blind are always mindless, always slaves of law & worldly fear. I’m Christ, child of humankind, one from who is within you.

For you I’m despised, that you may dismiss what’s impermanent. Don’t become female, lest you give birth to veil & what’s related, jealousy, dissension, anger, wrath, dishonesty, greed. To you, I’m an ineffable mystery.

Once, before the foundation of the world, when the whole multitude of the assembly in the realm of the 8 came together & made plans, they united in spiritual marriage. The marriage was consummated in these ineffable places by means of a living word, through the mediator Jesus, who dwells in all of them & rulers over transformed himself & appeared as a single manifestation of all of them, as thought, father, One. He stands apart from them, for he came forth all by himself.

‘He is life, he from the father of truth, ineffable perfect, the father of those there, the unity of peace, friend of the good, eternal life & spotless joy, in complete harmony of life & faith, through eternal life of fatherhood, motherhood, sisterhood, & wisdom of the word. These were one with mind that extends itself, in joyful union. He’s honored & listens faithfully to the One. This is in fatherhood, motherhood, brotherhood of the word, & wisdom. This is a wedding of truth, in every mind, perfect light in unnamed mystery.’

This doesn’t happen & will not happen among us in any regions & locales where there is dissension & disruption of peace. Rather, this is Union, a feast of love, & all are fulfilled in the one who is. This love also is to be found in the regions under heaven that are joined to the realms above. Those who’ve come to know me through salvation & unity, once were separate, but they’ve been united with the One through the the living word.

The realm of the 8, or ogdoad, is the heavenly region of the fixed stars. In the Second Discourse of Great Seth, the heavenly assembly lives there.

I am with Those Who are Friends

I’m in the spirit & truth of motherhood, where unity is, & I’m with those who are always friends to each other. They know nothing of enmity & wickedness, but they’re united by my knowledge in word by my knowledge in word & peace, which dwells completely with everyone & in everyone. Those who’ve taken on the likeness of my form will take one the likeness of my word, & they’ll  emerge in the light forever, in mutual friendship in the spirit. They’ve come to know full & completely that the one who is is one (yes, that’s correct. It’s not a typo.), & all are one. They’ve been taught about the One & the assembly & the members of the assembly. For the father of all is immeasurable & immutable, mind, word, division, jealousy, fire, yet he’s a simple one, all in all in a single principle, because all are from a single spirit.


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