The Second Discourse of Great Seth, Part 5

This section is about opponents being insignificant & ignorant. Also perfect people who live in harmony & friendship.

The Opponents are Insignificant & Ignorant

It was a joke. I tell you, it was a joke. The rulers don’t know that this is an ineffable unity of undefiled truth like what’s among the children of light. They’ve imitated it, & they proclaim the doctrine of a dead man, along with false teachings that mock the freedom & purity of the perfect assembly. In their doctrine they bind themselves to fear & slavery & worldly concerns & improper forms of worship, for they’re ignorant &  of no significance. They don’t accept the nobility of truth. They hate the one to whom they belong & they love the one to whom they don’t belong. They don’t have the knowledge of the majesty, that it’s from above, from the fountain of truth & not from slavery, jealousy, fear, & love of the material world. Boldly & freely they make use of what’s not theirs & what’s theirs. They don’t cover because of their authority & their law that addresses what they desire. And those who are without the law are in dire straits: they don’t have it & they still desire. These people mislead folks who through them resemble those who have the truth of their freedom, so as to place us under a yoke & coerce us with anxiety & fear. One person is subjected to bondage, another is controlled by God through the threats & violent force. Noble people of the fatherhood, however, are not controlled, since they control themselves by themselves, without command or force.  They belong to the thought of the fatherhood, & they’re one with their will, that the fatherhood may be perfect & inexpressible through inexpressible through the living water.

This is the proclamation of Christ crucified, the gospel of the cross, in the emerging Orthodox Church. The opponents make use of the law, including the 10 Commandments, one of which states, “You shall not covet.”

The law, or Torah, is sometimes referred to as a yoke, comparable to the yoke as a yoke, comparable to the yoke, comparable to the yoke place upon an animal to guide it; hence being under the law is said to resemble being under a yolk.

The Perfect People Who Live in Harmony & Friendship

Be wise among yourselves, not only in words that are heard but also in deeds, in words that are fulfilled. In this way those who are perfect are shortly to be established & unity with me, & the’ll have no enmity. With good friendship I do everything through the one who’s good, for this is the unity of truth, that people should have no adversary. If some cause division, they don’t learn wisdom, because they cause division & aren’t friends. They’re enemies. But those who live in the harmony & friendship of love of brother & sister, naturally & not only of necessity, completely & not merely in part, those truly reflect the will of the father. This is universe & perfect love.


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