The Second Discourse of Great Seth, Part 4

In this section, I’ll be talking about how the crucifixion is interpreted & being opposed & persecuted in the world.

The Crucifixion Interpreted

The world wasn’t receptive to my visible exaltation, my 3rd immersion in an image that was perceptible. (So to me, this line means that Jesus was here 2 other times before the gospels of the New Testament in the Christian bible. It’s just the first 2 times, he wasn’t visible or came in spirit form.) The flame of the 7 authorities was extinguished, the sun of the powers of the rulers set, darkness overcame them, & the world became impoverished. They bound this one with many bonds & nailed him to the cross, & they secured him with 4 bronze nails (not the traditional 3 nails. So that means that Jesus’ legs, during crucifixion, were side-by-side. Not crossed at the ankles like he’s depicted, even until today.).

An earthquake shook earth’s chaos, for th souls of the dead were released & resurrected, & they walked out in the open. (Creepy, right?!) They laid aside ignorant jealousy & lack of insight by the dead tombs, & they put on the new person. They had come to know the blessed, perfect one of the eternal, incomprehensible father & the infinite light. That’s what I am. When I came to my own & united them with me, there was no need for many words. Our thought was one with their thought, so they understood what I was saying. We made plans for the destruction of the rulers, & in this I did the will of the father. (So God God is ok, & it’s His will, with the destruction of people?!)

The 3 immersions are most likely birth, water baptism & baptism in blood, & the crucifixion is the “third immersion.” This passage provides a gnostic interpretation of the crucifixion of Jesus in Matthew 27.

Opposed & Persecuted in the World

When we left our home & come down to this world & became embodied in the world, we were hated & persecuted both by those who are ignorant & by those who claim to be enriched with the name of Christ, though they’re vain & ignorant. Like irrational animals they don’t know who they are. THey hate & persecute those whom I’ve liberated. If these people should only shut their mouths for once, they would start weeping & groaning in futility, because they’ve not really known me. Rather, they’ve served 2 masters, & even more. YOu, however, will be winners in everything, in combat, fights, & schism with jealousy & anger. In the uprightness of our love, we’re innocent, pure, & good, & we’ve the mind of the father in an ineffable mystery.

These people are the unbelievers, people who aren’t called Christians. They may recall the material people, people of body & flesh, in Valentinian texts, & this description, in general, resembles the Valentinian 3-fold designation of people as ‘hylics,’ ‘psychics,’ & ‘pneumatics’ (people of fleshy body, soul, & spirit). These people are ordinary believers, who claim to be Christians, in these emerging texts. These may recall the people of soul. These people are the gnostic of the Second Discourse of Great Seth, who are opposed & persecuted by people in the emerging Orthodox Church. They may recall the people of spirit. See Matthew 6:24.

Here Christ seems to suggest tag ordinary believers actually serve both Christ & Yaldabaoth, the ruler of the world.


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