The Second Discourse of the Great Seth, Part 3

In the Mouth of Lions

I was in the mouth of lions. They hatched a plot against me, to counter the destruction of their error & foolishness, but I didn’t give in to them as they’d planned. I wasn’t hurt at all. Though they punished me, I didn’t die in actuality but only in appearance, that I might not be put to shame by them, as if they’re part of me. I freed myself of shame, & I didn’t become bound by fear, but I suffered only in their eyes & their thought, that nothing may ever be claimed about them. The death they think I suffered they suffered in their error & blindness. Their thoughts didn’t perceive me, since they were deaf & blind. (This goes into the story/legend in the Christian tradition that Jesus really didn’t die. The short of it is: Jesus was carrying the cross & Simon the Cyrene carried Jesus’ cross. In this instant, Simon took on the appearance of Jesus. Jesus stood there, laughing, because they were crucifying the wrong guy. SO they end up crucifying Simon instead of Jesus.) By doing these things they pronounce judgment against themselves. As for me, they saw me & punished me, but someone else, their father, drank the gull & the vinegar; it was not I. They were striking me with a scourge, but someone else, Simon, bore the cross on his shoulder. Someone else wore the crown of thorns. And I was on high, poking fun at all the excesses of the ruler & the fruit of their error & ignorance. (See?!?) I was laughing at their ignorance.

Yaldabaoth is often said to resemble a lion in appearance. Simon of Cyrene is in Matthew 27:32;Mark 15:21; & Luke 23:26. It specifically says in John 19:17 that Jesus carried his own cross. In the present text, it’s unclear who’s crucified, Simon of Cyrene or the body that Jesus adopted. But it’s understood in some circles that it was Simon.

Coming Down Past the Rulers

I brought all their powers into subjection. When I came down, no one saw me, for I kept changing my forms on high, transforming from shape to shape, so when I was at their gates, I assumed their likeness. I passed by them quietly. I saw their realms, but I wasn’t afraid or ashamed, because I was pure. I was speaking with them & mingling with them, thought who are mine. Jealously I trampled on those who are harsh toward them, & I put out the fire. I was doing all this by my will, to complete what I willed in the will of the father above.

Christ passes through the the heavenly gates, guarded by cosmic powers, on his way from the realms above to the world below.

Bringing Up the Child of the Majesty from the Region Below

We brought the child of majesty, hidden in the region below, to the height. There I am, in the eternal realms that no one has seen or understood, where the wedding of the wedding robe is. It’s the new wedding, not the old & it doesn’t perish, for the new bridal chamber is of the heavens, & it’s perfect.

As I’ve revealed, there’re 3 ways, & this is an undefiled mystery in the spirit of the eternal realm that’s not destroyed or divided or even discussed, for it’s indivisible, universal, & permanent. The soul from on high will not discuss error here or carry herself away from these realms that are here. She’ll be carried forth when she’s liberated & treated nobly in the world, & she stands before the father with no difficulty or fear, forever communing with the mind of ideal power. These will see me from every side with no animosity, for they seeme, & they’re seen, mingling with them. They didn’t put me to shame & they weren’t ashamed. They weren’t afraid in my presence, & they’ll pass by every gate without fear & be perfected in the 3rd glory.

The bridal chamber is discussed here & in other forbidden texts.  It’s also mentioned in the New Testament of the Christian bible. It’s discussed extensively in the Gospel of Philip.

In Greek, the soul (or psyche) is feminine in gender, & soul is typically personified as the young female named Psyche. The souls of those who are liberated pass through the heavenly gather in their ascent to the realms above. See the Gospel of Mary 15-17.


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