The Second Discourse of Great Seth, or The Second Treatise of Great Seth, Part 2

This part is great! It gets into some pretty great stuff! I hope you enjoy this section as much I did/do.

Coming to This World

I approached a bodily dwelling & evicted the previous occupant, & I went in. The whole multitude of rulers was upset, & all the material stuff off the rulers & the powers born of earth began to tremble at the sight of the figure with a composite image. I was in it, & I didn’t look like the previous occupant. He was a worldly person, but I’m I’m from above the heaves. I didn’t defy them, & I became an anointed one, but neither did I revel myself to them in the love coming from me. Rather, I revealed that I’m a stranger to the regions below.

This section is a reference to the incarnation of Christ. The human figure now has a different & alien appearance because of the entry for the heavenly Christ into the earthly body.

Unrest & Confusion in the World

There was a great disturbance, with confusion & reslessness, in the whole world & in the council of the rulers. Some where convinced when they saw the mighty deeds I accomplished. They’re of the generation of Adonaios & are descended from the one who fled from the throne of Sophia of hope, since she had previously given indication about us & all those with me. They all were moving about. Others hurried to inflict every sort of punishment on me form the world ruler & his accomplices. They were restless of mind about what they would plot against me. They thought their majesty was everything, & they also told lies about the human being & all the majesty of the assemble. They were incapable of knowing the father of truth, the human being of majesty. They usurped the name through corruption & ignorance, through a flame of fire & a vessel created for the destruction of Adam, made to conceal all those who likewise are theirs. The rulers from the realm of Yaldabaoth disclosed the circuit of the angels. That’s what humankind was seeking, that they might not know the true human, for Adam, the modeled creature, appeared to them. So, throughout their dwelling place there was agitation & fear that the angels surrounding them. For those offering praise I died, though not really, that their archangel might be useless.

In some texts, Adonaios, whose name comes from Adonai (from Hebrew, meaning “my lord.”) & who’s also called Sabaoth, is the son of Yaldabaoth who turns against his father & gives his loyalty to Sophia. (I’ll be getting into this in my next series!) Here those of the generation of Adonaios (the people of Adonai) seem to be the Jewish people.  Adonaios is also mentioned in the Holy Book of the Great Invisible Spirit III, 58, the Secret Book of John II, 10, & the Book of Baruch 26.4. Those through whom Sophia offers insights into the future seem to be Hebrew prophets. The heavenly human is equated with the father of truth.

The Arrogance of the World Ruler

Then the voice of the world ruler announced to the angels, “I’m God, & there’s no other beside me.” (Now this should be familiar. Because in Exodus 20:5, which is where the 10 Commandments are located, it says: ‘…for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God..’ (NIV) *Please don’t hate on me for using the NIV. I personally like the KJV but I didn’t have one handy.*) I laughed heartily when I reflected upon how conceited he was. He kept saying, over & over, “Who is the human being?” The whole host of his angels, who had seen Adam & his dwelling place, laughed at its insignificance. Thus their thought turned away form the heavenly majesty, who’s the true human, whose name they perceived in the insignificance of a dwelling place. They’re inferior, senseless in their empty thought, in their laughter, & so they were corrupted. The entire majesty of the fatherhood of the spirit was at rest in his realms, & I was with him, since I’ve a thought of a single emanation from the eternal & unknowable ones, undefiled & immeasurable. I disturbed & frightened the whole multitude of the angels & their ruler, & I placed a small thought in the world.  I examined all with flame & fire through my thought, & all they did they did through me. There was trouble & strife around the seraphim & cherubim (a seraphim is an angelic being regarded in traditional Christian angelology as belonging to the highest order of the 9-fold celestial hierarchy. They’re often associated with light, ardor, & purity.  A cherubim, the plural form of cherub, is a winged angelic being described in biblical traditions as attending on God. It’s represented in ancient Middle.Eastern art as a lion or bull with eagles’ wings & a human face. Regarded in traditional Christian angelology as an angel of the 2nd highest order of the 9-fold celestial hierarchy.), whose glory will perish, & commotion around Adonaios, on every side, & around their dwelling place, all the way to the world ruler, who said, “Let us seize him.” Others said, “This plan will never work out.” For Adonaios knows me, through home.

In the Secret Book of John & other texts, Yaldabaoth makes the same arrogant claims.


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