The Second Discourse of Great Seth or The Second Treatise of Great Seth, Part 1

This “forbidden” book of the bible deals with Seth & Jesus’ relationship with him. It’s a pretty interesting read.

Perfect Majesty, the Mother, & the Savior

Perfect majesty is at rest in ineffable light, in truth, the mother of all things.  Since I alone am perfect, all of you attain to me on account of the word. For I dwell with all the majesty of the spirit, who’s a friend equally to us & to our kin.

Throughout the Second Discourse of Great Seth, the speaker uses the first person singular (“I”), & the speaker identifies as Christ.  Thus the text presents itself as the discourse of Christ himself.

The Word & Baptism

I’ve uttered a discourse for the glory of our father, through his goodness & imperishable thought, & this word comes from him. It’s a matter fit for slavery to say,  ‘We shall die with Christ,’ which means with imperishable & undefiled thought. What an incomprehensible wonder! The scripture regarding the ineffable water in use among us is this word: I’m in you & you’re in me, just as the father is in me & in you, with no guile at all.

It’s possible to translate the title “The Second Treatise of the Great Seth.” This reference to a discourse previously uttered, however, suggests a spoken discourse, & this reference may indicate the first discourse or speech or message of great Seth, given prior to the present 2nd discourse of the great Seth. This reference to Paul’s with Christ (see Romans 6), an interpretation the present text vigorously rejects in favor of an understanding of baptism as union with Christ, who’s “imperishable & undefiled thought.”

The Call For the Salvation of Divine Thoughts

Let us call together an assembly. Let us examine this creation of his & send someone, just as he also examined thoughts in the regions below. I said this to all the members of the whole vast assembly of the majesty, so that they rejoiced, & the entire household of the father of truth rejoiced. Since I’m of them, I reminded them of the thoughts that had come from the undefiled spirit & had descended to the water, that is, to the regions below. A single thought was in all of them, since it came from a single source. They expressed their decision to me, & I concurred & went fourth to revel glory to my kin, my friends in spirit. Those in the world had been prepared by the will of our sister Sophia, whose indiscretion was without guile. She was not sent out, nor did she request anything from the realm of all, the majesty of the assembly, & the fullness when she first came to prepare homes & habitations form the child of light. From the elements below she derived collaborators to construct bodily dwellings for them, but in their vainglory they came to live. And since they were prepared by Sophia, they’re ready to receive the sailing word of the ineffable One & the majesty of the assembly of all those who still are in waiting & those who already are in me.

In this section, it’s probably talking about the creation or realm of the Heavenly Father; possibly the creation of the world ruler, here & throughout this text. Or the line can be read, “send someone from him to example thoughts in the regions below.” This is a declaration of the heavenly decision to send someone from the realms above to seek our, & save, spiritual people (“thoughts”) in the world below. Personified wisdom known as Sophia, here & elsewhere. God’s called “the One” several times in the Second Discourse of Great Seth.


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