The Dialogue of the Savior, Part 3

Mary & the Other Disciples True Life with the Master

Mary said, “I want to understand all things, just as they are.” The master said, “Whoever seeks life, this is their wealth. For the world’s rest is false, & it’s God & sliver are deceptive.” His disciples asked him, “What should we do our work to be prefect?” The master said to them, “Be ready, in every circumstance. Blessings on those who’ve found (142) the strife & have see the struggle with their eyes. They’ve not killed nor have they been killed, but they’ve emerged victorious.” Judas asked, “Tell me, Master, what’s the beginning of the way?” He said, “Love & goodness. If one of these had existed among the rulers, wickedness would never have come to be.” Matthew said, “Master, you’ve spoken of the end of the universe with no difficulty.” The master said, “You’ve understood all the things I said to you & you’ve accepted them in faith. If you know them, they’re yours. If not, they’re not yours.” They asked him, “To what place are we going?” The master said, “I’ve told you, the one who can see reveals.” His 12 disciples asked him, “Teacher, with serenity…teach us…” The master said, “If you’ve understood everything I’ve told you, you’ll become immortal, for you…everything.” (I wonder if he’s talking about a spiritual immortality or a physical immortality.) Mary said, “There’s only one saying I shall speak to the master, about the mystery of truth. In this we stand & in this we appear to those who are worldly.” Judas said to Matthwe, “We want to understand what sort of garments we’re to be clothed with when we leave the corruption of the flesh.” The master said, “The rulers & the administrators have garments that are given only for a while & don’t last. But you, as children of truth, are not to clothe yourselves with these garments that last only for a while. Rather, I say to you, you’ll be blessed when you strip off your receive…?” The master said, “Yes, one who receives your father in a reflective way.”

Check out James 5:3; John 14:5. On putting on the garments of the body & taking it off, check out the Gospel of Mary 15; & the Gospel of Thomas 21, 37. Some of the restoration is tentative.


Mary Questions the Master about the Mustard Seed

Mary asked, “Of what kind is the mustard seed? Is it from heaven or from earth?” The master said, “When the father established the world for himself, he left many things with the mother of all. That’s why he speaks & acts.” Judas said, “You’ve told us this from the mind of truth. When we pray, how should we pray?” The master said, “Pray in the place where there’s no woman.” Matthew says, “He tells us, ‘Pray in the place where there’s no woman,’ which means, destroy the works of the female, not because there’s another form of birth but because they should stop giving birth.” Mary said, “Will they never be destroyed?” The master said, “You know they will perish once again, (145) & the works of the female here will be destroyed as well.” Judas said to Matthew, “The works of the female will perish. Then the rulers will call upon their realms, & we shall be ready for them.” The master said, “will they see you & will they see those who receive you? Look, a heavenly word is coming from the father to the abyss, silently, with a flash of lightning, & it’s productive. Do they see it or overcome it? No, you know more fully the way that neither angel nor authority knows. It’s the way of the father & the son, for the 2 are 1. And you’ll travel the way you’ve come to know. Even if the rulers become great, they’ll not be able to reach it. Look, I tell you, it’s even difficult for me to reach it.” (146) Mary asked the master, “If the works are destroyed, what actually destroys a work?” The master said, “You know. On the day I destroy it, people will go to their own places.” Judas said, “How’s the spirit disclosed?” The master said, “How’s the sword disclosed?” The master said, “It’s disclosed through itself eternally.” Judas asked, “Who forgives whose works? Do the works forgive the world or does the world forgive the works?” The master answered, “Who’s it? Really, whoever has come to know the works. For it’s the responsibility of these people to do the will of the the father.”

The parable of the mustard seed is found in Matthew13:31-32; Luke 13:18-19; & Mark 4:30-32. Here the father is God the father, & mother may be Sophia (“Wisdom”) or another female manifestation of the divine.


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