The Gospel of Thomas, Part 8

(85) Jesus said, “Adam came from great power & great wealth. But he wasn’t worthy of you. For has he been worthy, he wouldn’t have tasted death.” (86) Jesus said, “Foxes have their dens & birds have their nests, but the child of humanity has no place to lay his head & rest.”

(87) Jesus said, “How miserable is the body that depends on a body, & how miserable is the soul that depends on these 2.” (88) Jesus said, “The messengers & the prophets will come to you & give you what’s yours. You, in turn, give them what you have, & say ‘When will they come & take what’s theirs?’

(89) Jesus said, “Why do you wash the outside of the cup? Do you not understand that the one who made the inside is also one who made the outside?” (90) Jesus said, “Come to me, for my yoke is easy & my master is gentle. (I’ve always thought that this was a weird analogy. You’re pretty much comparing me to a farm animal & Jesus/God is the farmer/master (like a slave type deal!)) You’ll find rest for yourselves.”

(91) They said to him, “Tell us who you’re so that we may believe in you.” He said to them, “You examine the face of heaven & earth, but you’ve not come to know the one who’s in your presence, & you don’t how to examine this moment.” (92) Jesus said, “Seek & you’ll find. In the past, however, I didn’t tell you the things about which you asked me then.  Now I’m willing to tell them, about you’re not seeking them.”

(93) “Don’t give what’s holy to dogs, or they might throw them upon the manure pile. Don’t throw pearls to swine, or they might make mud of it.” (94) Jesus said, “One who seeks will find; for one who knocks it will be opened.” (95) Jesus said, “If you have money, don’t lend it at interest. Rather, give it to someone from whom you’ll not get it back.”

(96) Jesus says, “The father’s kingdom is like a woman. She took a little yeast, hid it in dough, & made it into large. Loaves of bread. Whoever has ears should hear.” (97) Jesus says, “The father’s kingdom is like a woman who was carrying a jar full of meal. While she was with walking alone a distant road, the handle of the jar broke & the meal spilled behind her along the road. She didn’t know it; she had not noticed a problem. When she reached her house, when put the jar down & discovered that it was empty.”

(98) Jesus says, “The father’s kingdom is like a person who wanted to put someone powerful to death. While at home he drew his sword & thrust it into the wall to find out whether his hand would go in. Then he killed the powerful one.” (99) The disciples said to him, “YOur brothers & your mother are standing outside.” He said to them, “Those here who do the will of my father are my brothers & my mother. They’re the ones who will enter my father’s kingdom.”


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