The Gospel of Thomas, Part 2

First and foremost, this will be set up differently with the breakdown at the end. I apologize. However, I’ll be peppering you, though, with some of my thoughts. And they’ll be in parentheses.

(10) Jesus said, “I’ve thrown fire upon the world. Look, I’m watching it until it blazes.” (11) Jesus said, “This heaven will pass away, & the one above it will pass away. The dead are not alive, & the living will not die. During the days when you ate what’s dead, you made it alive. When you’re in the light, what will you do? On the day when you were one, you became 2. But when you become 2, what will you do?”

(12) The disciples said to Jesus, “We know you’re gonna leave us. Who will be our leader?” (Jesus’ response, I think, is quite interesting.) Jesus says to them, “No matter where you’ve come from, you’re to go to James the Just (Not Paul, not Peter! Jesus is effectively saying your leader is James the Just!). For whose sake heaven & earth came into being.” (Really?! Heaven & earth didn’t come into being for the sake of Jesus, WHOSE THE SAVIOR OF THE WORLD, but for James’ sake. Hmmm.) (13) Jesus proceeds to tell the disciples, “Compare me to something & tell me what I am like.” (This seems a LITTLE vain to me but it ends up being a teachable moment.) Simon Peter said, “You’re like a just, righteous messenger/angel.” Matthew said to him, “You’re like a wise philosopher.” Thomas says, “Teacher, my mouth’s utterly unable to say what you’re like.” Jesus says, “I’m not your teacher. Because you’ve drunk, you’ve become intoxicated from the bubbling spring that I’ve tended.” He took him, withdrew, & spoke 3 sayings to him. When Thomas returned to his friends, they asked,”What did Jesus say to you?” Thomas said to them, “If I told you one of the sayings he spoke to me, you’ll pick rocks & stone me & fire will come from the rocks & consume you.” (If Thomas the twin is Jesus’ twin, as this ‘gospel’ suggests, then of course Jesus is going to tell TWIN tHingis that he’s not gonna tell the other disciples.)


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