The Gospel of Judas, Part 11

This LAST section is about Judas betraying Jesus. This section is very short. I hope you’ve enjoyed this!

The text says: …Their high priests murmured because he had gone into the guest room for his prayer. But some scribes were there watching carefully in order to arrest him during the prayer, for they were afraid of the people, since he was regarded by all as a prophet. They approached Judas & said to him, “What are you doing here? You’re Jesus’ disciple.” Judas answered them as they wished. And he received some money (30 pieces of silver, according to the Christian bible.) & handed him over to them.

It ends with the line: The Gospel of Judas.

The guest room comes from the Coptic & Greek, kataluma. The same word is used in Mark 14:14 & Luke 22:11 for the guest room where the Last Supper was celebrated. On Jesus being a prophet, just look up Matthew 26:14-16, 44-56; Mark 14:10-11, 41-50; Luke 22:3-6, 45-53; & John 18:1-11. The end of this Gospel is presented in a subtle & understated terms, & there’s no account of Jesus’ crucifixion.

How it ends isn’t “The Gospel According to Judas,” as is the case with most of the texts. It’s possible that the title may mean to say that this IS a gospel, or “the good news,” about Judas & the place of Judas in the Christian tradition. What he accomplished, the text concludes, in not bad news, but good news for Judas, for all who would come after Judas, & Jesus.

Well, if you’re reading just this one or have read the whole series, THANK YOU for reading! I will be posting more series & shorts. I’ll try to throw more shorts in between my series. And thank you for reading!


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