The Gospel of Judas, Part 10

This section will be about Jesus talking about the destruction of the wicked with Judas & others. The others I assume are the other disciples. Possibly some close followers, like Mary Magdalene. Enjoy!

The text in this passage is missing lines in the original text. I’ll do my best, bear with me. “…light (nearly 2 lines missing) around…let…spirit that is within you dwell in this flesh among the generations of angels. But God caused knowledge to be given to Adam & those with him, so that the kings of chaos & the underworld might not lord it over them.” Judas said to Jesus, “So what will those generations do?” Jesus said, “Truly I say to you, for all of them the stars bring matters to completion. When Saklas completes the span of time assigned for him, their first star will appear with the generations, & they will finish what they said they would do. Then they will fornicate in my name & slay their children & they will…& (about 6 lines missing) my name, & he will…your stars over the 13th aeon.” After that Jesus laughed. Judas said, “Why are you laughing at us?” (I’m assuming that ‘us’ is the other disciples.) Jesus answered & said, “I’m not laughing at you but at the error of the stars, because these 6 stars wander about 5 combatants, & they all will be destroyed along with their creatures.”

This passage suggests that gnōsis, or knowledge, was given to Adam & through that humanity. The way in which Adam & humanity comes to possess knowledge is explained on other “forbidden” gnostic texts (including Sethian texts). In these texts, it’s asserted that humanity has knowledge but the megalomaniacal (a person/entity obsessed with their own power, kinda like Donald Trump!) rulers of this world don’t. The references to the stars, their influences, & their eventual destruction are astronomical & apocalyptic. The 5 wandering stars are most likely the 5 planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, & Saturn) along with the moon. According to ancient astronomical & astrological theories, wandering stars can rule over us & influence our lives.


1 thought on “The Gospel of Judas, Part 10

  1. Εffectively, Im surprised you all left the
    very further best one for me.? Ⅾaddy said witһ
    a teasing smile. ?It?s that he despatched Jesus to die for us and
    provіdes us life eternally and ever and that due to that we wiⅼl
    be a household in heaven foor hundreds of thousands of years.

    That?s pretty go᧐d isnt it?


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