The Gospel of Judas, Part 9

In this section, I’ll be discussing Judas asking about the destiny of Adam & humanity. This section will be short-ish. The text itself is short, but the dissection is a little longer. Hope you enjoy!

Judas asks Jesus, “What is the long duration of time that the human being will live?” Jesus answered, “Why are you wondering about this, that Adam, with his generation, has lived his span of life in the place where he has received his kingdom, with the longevity with his ruler?” Judas responds, “This is why God ordered Michael to give the spirits of people to them as a loan (Wha? Wha?!), so that they might offer service, but the Great One ordered Gabriel to grant spirits to the great generation with no ruler over it, that is, the spirit & the soul.” I’m not sure why Judas would say this, it confuses me a bit. Maybe someone can help me understand that. But on the topic of the great generation, no ruler: it’s also called the king less generation. This is a reference to the generation of Seth. Using the description familiar to Sethian texts to say that the people of Seth are indomitable.

Michael & Gabriel are 2 very prominent archangels in the New Testament. Gabriel is the one who tells Mary & Joseph about Jesus (Luke 1:26-38). Gabriel also interpreted Daniel’s visions in the Old Testament (Daniel 8:16-26; Daniel 9:20-27). He also announced the birth of John the Baptist (Luke 1:11-20). Michael is a warrior in the angelic realm & is the protector of Israel (Daniel 10:13, 21; Daniel 12:1; Revelations 12:7). He’s usually depicted wearing bad ass (can I say that?!) battle armor with a sword. Sometimes the sword is on fire, most times not.

This parts gonna be fun! On “the spirit & soul,” the God of this world gives the spirit of life (the breath of life?) to people, through Michael, as a loan. But the Great Spirit gives the spirit & soul to people, through Gabriel, as a gift. Genesis 2:7 says: “…the Lord God formed the man (in Hebrew, the word Adam means man) from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.” Genesis 2:7 is creatively interpreted in other Sethian/gnostic texts. Like when the Secret Book of John II:19 says: “They (the 5 luminaries from above will arise) said to Yaldabaoth, ‘Breathe some of your spirit into the face of Adam, & the body will arise.’ He breathed his spirit into Adam. The spirit is the power of his mother, Sophia, but he did not realize this, because he lives in ignorance. The Mother’s power went out of Yaldabaoth and into the psychical body that had been made to be like one who is from the beginning. The body moved, and became powerful. And it was enlightened.”


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