The Gospel of Judas, Part 7

In this 7th part of my Gospel of Judas series, I’ll be talking about the rulers & angels. It gets into the names of the rulers of the underworld & chaos. Enjoy!

The text here states: The 12 rulers spoke with the 12 angels. They said, “Let each of you & let them, generation angels.” The first is Seth, who is called Christ. The second is Harmathoth. The third is Yodel. The fifth is Adonaios. These are the 5 who ruled over underworld & first of all over chaos.

Here, as in other Christian Sethian texts, Christ is described as the manifestation of Seth in this world. In the Holy Book of the Great Invisible Spirit III:63-64, the text refers to “the incorruptible one, conceived by the Word (or Logos), the living Jesus, with whom the great Seth has been clothed.” In Three Forms of First Thought 50, the Word, or Logos, declares, “I put on Jesus. I carried him from the accursed wood (the cross) & established him in the dwelling places of his Father.” In the Holy Book of the Great Invisible Spirit III:58, through Nebruel & Sakla 12 angels are produced, several of which have names similar or identical to the names in this passage of the Gospel of Judas, & mention of Cain. The reference to Cain may bring to mind the claims of Irenaeus of Lyon (Against Heresies 1.31.1) that the person(s) who composed the Gospel of Judas appealed to the authority of Cain. Though Cain isn’t mentioned in the text of the Gospel of Judas. In the Secret Book of John II:10-11, a similar list of names is given & it’s said that 7 rule over 7 spheres of heaven (which are those of the sun, moon, the 5 known planets, then known, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, & Saturn) & 5 rule over the depths of the abyss.


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