The Gospel of Judas, Part 5

In this part, I’ll be discussing Judas asking about his fate. I’ll also be discussing Jesus teaching Judas about cosmology, the Spirit, & the Self-Generated. This part is average, for me, in length. Enjoy!

In the text, Judas says, “Master, could it be that my seed is under the control of the rulers/archons?” The seed is the spiritual part of a person. The spark of the divine within, & collectively, the offspring of those who come from the divine. Jesus answers & says to Judas, “Come. But that you will much you see the kingdom & all its generation.” When Judas heard this, he said, “What good is it that I have receive it? For you’ve set me apart for that generation.” Jesus answered, “You will become the 13th, & you’ll be cursed by the other generations. You will come to rule over them. In the last days, they’ll curse your ascent to the holy generation.” Take a look at Matthew 26:20-25, 27:3-10; Mark 14:17-21; Luke 22:21-23; John 13:21-30; & Acts 1:15-20, these all talk about Judas being cursed. In Sethian texts, Gnostics can be called the seed, or the offspring of Seth. Seth is Adam & Eve’s son, he was born after Cain killed Abel. Here and subsequent texts, the rulers of this world, especially the cosmic powers who collaborate with the demiurge (an entity/being whose responsible for the creation of the universe). In the Platonic philosophy, the demiurge is the Maker/Creator of the world. Also in Gnosticism & other theological systems, the demiurge is a heavenly being, a subordinate to the Supreme Being/God, that’s considered material realm & antagonistic to all that’s purely spiritual. Here’s a bone for y’all (I personally found this fascinating! And made me LOVE this ‘gospel’ that much more! I’ll explain!): This passage suggests that Judas is despised by the other disciples, which seems to be a fair call (when in the first 4 books of the New Testament of the Christian bible Judas isn’t well liked by the other disciples.). But he’s to be the one exalted over them all as the preeminent disciple. This passage also seems to allude to some kind of transformation or ascent, as in the transfiguration of Judas. In case you’re unfamiliar with the definition of transfiguration, here ya go: A complete change in form/appearance into a more beautiful or spiritual state, like Jesus in Matthew 17:2; Mark 9:2-3; & Luke 9:28-36. (There’s also a festival that is on many churches calendars as a holy day to commemorating Jesus’ transfiguration.) So yeah! And also check out II Corinthians 12:2-4, it talks about the ecstatic ascent of a man, Paul, to the 3rd heaven.

Then in the text, Jesus says, “Come, Judas. That I may teach you about the hidden things no person has ever seen. For there exists a great & boundless realm, whose extent no generation of angels has seen (does this mean that angels procreate?), in which there’s a great invisible Spirit. Which no eye of an angel has ever seen, no thought of the heart has comprehended, & it was never by any name.” The transcendent deity is called ‘the great invisible spirit’. This is a small description of Sethian cosmology. For a full description of the Sethian cosmology, check out the Secret Book of John & the Holy Book of the Great Invisible Spirit. Both of these books are ‘forbidden’. The ineffability & transcendence of the divine is emphasized in many gnostic texts, especially in Sethian texts. Like in the Secret Book of John II:2-4; the Holy Book of the Great Invisible Spirit III:40-41; Allogenes the Stranger; Irenaeus of Lyon ‘Against Heresies’ 1.29.1-4, on the “gnostics” or “Barbelognostics” (or the gnostics of Barbelo).

Then the text states that a luminous cloud appeared where Jesus & Judas were. He said, “Let an angel/messenger come into being as my attendant/assistant.” A great angel, the enlightened divine Self-Generated, emerged from the cloud. Because of him, 4 other angels came into being from another cloud, & they became attendants for the angelic Self-Generated. The Self-Generated said, “Let them come into being.” And it came into being. He created the 1st luminary to reign over him. He said, “Let an enlightened aeon come into being to serve him.” Myriads without number came into being. He created the 2nd luminary to reign over him (Don’t know how much time in between the 1st & 2nd luminaries), together with myriads of angels without number, to offer service. That’s how he created the rest of the enlightenment aeons. He made them reign over them & he created for them myriads of angels without number to assist them. Typically the Self-Generated is the son of God in Sethian texts. In the Secret Book of John II:7-8, the Four Luminaries were named Harmozel, Oroiael, Daveithai, & Eleleth. They come into being through the Self-Generated. According to the text, the divine realm is filled with luminaries, aeons, & angels brought into by the creative word of the Self-Generated, to serve & adore the divine. (I’ve always thought it was a bit vain that they were created to adore the divine.)


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