The Gospel of Judas Part 1

This will be a multi-part series.

This section is going to talk about the earthly ministry of Jesus. According to this gospel, Jesus calls the disciples & starts talking to them about the mysteries beyond this world. And what would take place at the end. The text doesn’t state what these mysteries are/were or even if they apply to our modern lives. These mysteries could be ANYTHING! Also no one is clear about what’s going to take place in the end. Does it mean the end of ones life? Or is it talking about the end of time? Like an Armageddon-type of a deal.

The text also states that often Jesus didn’t appear as an adult, but as child. The term ‘child’ in this context of the text comes from the Sahidic Coptic word ‘hrot‘, which was taken as form of the Bohairic Coptic word ‘hrot‘ or child. There are other mentions, in other “forbidden” books of the bible, on Jesus appearing as a child. It appears in the Secret Book of John, 2 (from the Nag Hammadi Codex II); the Revelation of Paul 18; the Hippolytus of Rome “Refutation of All Heresies” 6.42.2, where Hippolytus appeared to Valentinus as a child; & the Gospel of Thomas 4.

The text then leads us to Jesus being in Judea with his disciples. His disciples where gathered together seated together, acting very pious & full of themselves. They were literally practicing their piety. Which came from Coptic & partly from Greek, ‘euergumnaze etmntnoute‘. If you check out I Timothy 4:7, it says “…;rather, train yourself to be holy.” When Jesus approaches the disciples gathered together, seated, & offering a prayer of thanksgiving (or from Coptic, from Greek, eureukharisti) over some bread, Jesus laughs at the disciples. The disciples ask why he laughed at the their prayers because they felt like they’d done was right. Jesus replies, “I’m not laughing at you. You guys are doing this because of your own free will. But because it’s through this YOUR God will be praised.” Now the god described here, as the “God” of the disciples, isn’t the exalted deity above (God God) but the ruler of this world (which in my thinking is Satan, I could be wrong. I don’t read Coptic, Hebrew, or Greek!). The disciples then say to Jesus, “Master, YOU are the son of our God.” Here, however, the disciples mistakenly confess that Jesus is the son of their own God. If you are looking for examples, here are some Matthew 16:13-20, Mark 8:27-30, & Luke 9:18-21.

The gospel proceeds to say: Jesus says, “How do you know me? Truly I say to you, no generation of the people that are among you will know me.” In this gospel & in other Sethian texts (I’ll be getting into those in another blog post!), the human generation are distinguished from “that generation” (from Coptic ‘themes etemmau‘), the great generation of Seth (the son of Adam & Eve that was born after the whole Cain/Abel incident), that is say some, the Gnostics. Only those of “that generation” know the true nature of Jesus. Anywhere else in Sethian texts, like in the Revelation of Adam, the people of Seth can/are described as “those people” (from Coptic nirōme etemmau).


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